More deception from and its boss

The Bozo in Chief of the already most deceptive of all “trading” “forums” out there that we are familiar with, Michael Boulter (aka Big Mike), just can’t stop being even more deceptive.

Imagine that he is now insinuating that he (or his dubious business) is based in Chicago, IL. That’s what his Twitter feed is implying (see the image below).


In reality, (formerly the Big Mike Trading forum) is now legally operating out of Panama as we reported not long ago (see the next image) and its owner lives in Ecuador (see yet another image).



All these screenshots were taken on the same day in October 2016. You want to see what his Twitter front page looked like before? Here’s another picture, a few months older (from February 2016) than the first one above.


Once a BS artist, always a BS artist. Sociopaths don’t change. They can’t.

Of course, being based in Chicago, one of the futures world centers, sounds more glamorous than being based in some Ecuadorian shit hole (no offense to shit holes or Ecuadorians ) or operating one’s sham business out of a banana republic of sorts.  Not to mention that it grants some legitimacy that hiding in Ecuador never will.

The reality, however, is that Michael Boulter just does not feel comfortably enough in the good old USA. Being accused of extortion, having been sued for libel (and forced by the judge to remove the offensive pages) simply don’t help.

That’s too bad indeed because even sexual predators with tiny hands are doing very well in this great country of ours.  At least one of them.

However, it’s one thing to be an occasional pussy grabber and another to be running a full-time sham  business, even criminal in some aspects, under the pretense of a trading forum.


And, of course, in the good old USA, pussies are allowed to grab back (the image below after


Good luck with that on You may be banned from there for merely being a pussy, but never for being a full-blown dickhead.

Had Michael Boulter actually cared about his “forum” respectability he would have exchanged his dickheads for deplorables in a New York second. There may, however, be a slight problem with that: there just aren’t enough deplorables in the world to replace all the dickheads hanging out on that “trading” “forum” of his. Yes, Hillary, you should have targeted Big Mike’s dickheads, babe.

Disclaimer. This post should not be viewed as an endorsement of any US presidential candidate, but it may be viewed as a comment on the US presidential elections this time around. Yes, the Big Mike Trading forum (currently got there first, but you can always count on the US politicians and their base to catch up with the most idiotic, fraudulent forms of entertainment whose real goal is always the same: making you dumber than you were yesterday and even dumber than you thought you could be.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.


Big Mike is so totally a commie

Big Mike (Michael Boulter in real life), the founder of the Big Mike Trading forum (now, would be a joke if his questionable business activity were not dangerous to the trading marketplace.

One reason it is dangerous stems from the fact that Michael Boulter is a commie.

We alluded to this recently when describing his business model as anti-capitalist. It’s basically a parasitic enterprise that offers precious little to its customers, wastes their time in spades (time is money, remember?), and often treats them instrumentally – not only as a giant piggy bank, though this seems to be the preferred use.

But there is more to that. There is a certain pattern to how he does things that clearly indicates a commie mentality.

Let us mention some very telling elements of this pattern in a few points with some comments.

1. When Michael Boulter blew two of his trading accounts, he started a trading forum to socialize his losses. As you can easily imagine, the guy who just blew not just one but two trading accounts in a row is probably the worst guy to bring the trading education to the masses. He is a total fraud if he believes otherwise. Big Mike obviously knows that and that’s why he is so profoundly insecure.

2. When he got sued by a respectable futures brokerage for libel (and forced by a judge to remove the offending pages, effectively losing the case) he did the same thing: he started a legal defense fund to socialize his legal expenses for a lawsuit that could have easily been avoided but since he is a reckless, malicious moron he chose not to pursue this track. The defense fund turned out to be a total failure and eventually convinced him to seek a safer place to operate his sham business from (outside the US, in a borderline banana republic of Panama), where his reckless behavior would be less of a problem.

Commies are really good at socializing losses. The whole communist concept of governing boils down to this very simple idea: to make the masses accountable for the effects of the sham economic system foisted on them by the leaders of the working class; it’s socializing the economic losses en masse in the name of morally and intellectually suspect ideology that actually serves only those at the top and their most dedicated sycophants.

3. He has no respect for free speech. He will ban you from the forum the moment he feels threatened by what you say on it and even outside it! He banned Mr. Felton for questioning his trading acumen totally in private! Not even remotely close to the forum. That’s how insecure he is and that’s how hell bent on censoring freedom of expression he is. Very pathologically so.

Very much just like commies for whom freedom of speech is a mortal danger because when people can speak freely, sooner or later they can also organize and challenge the communist orthodoxy. That happened in the early 80s of last century in Poland, then the country with a relatively liberal communist rule, where the Solidarity movement was born. The rest was just history, as they say. Big Mikes of this world are very well aware that in order to keep their sham running, repressing free speech is a must. If he is prudent, he should also keep Poles at a safe distance, but with a large German contingent on led by a genuine German douchebag, Harald Steinhaus, most Poles are likely to steer clear of that Goebbelsian stronghold with disgust.

4. The communist ideology sees the business class as the enemies of the working class. That does not have to be true, as they can certainly coexist, but for purely ideological reasons, the business class is seen by commies with contempt and distrusted as always scheming to enslave the working class. The idea of dividing and conquering has not exactly started with the commies, but commies have always treated this idea as part of their ideology: the business class is the enemy of the people, period.

Big Mike implemented this idea into running his business as well: it’s trading vendors who are the enemies of traders, the “working” people. If it were only possible to eliminate those parasites, the world would be perfect with all the poor suckers making gobs of money and giving it (ideally all) to the noble causes championed by Big Bozo. Of course, the fact that he is a vendor himself has to be hidden or else this would be a serious blow to this commie-like story of “class” war. Yes, he is a vendor and his forum is really a vendor syndicate promoting the interest of his business and the vendors’ beholden to him.

5. Big Mike is also big time into various charitable actions. That’s because just like commies he loves to distribute your money as it pleases him, using it for his pet causes. After all, you are just an insignificant unit, and what truly matters is not you but the brotherly love of all animals, large and small.

6. No other forum stresses respect as much as his so that you feel really shitty guilty when you are found disrespectful to him, his anointed vendors, or trusted business allies. Denying the official line of the communist party leadership in the former Soviet Union could cost you a lot too, even serving time in a gulag camp or two. Fortunately, Michael Boulter is an enlightened commie. If you ever disrespect him or his fellow BS artists, you will only be banned from the forum. Well, if you are a vendor, your business will most likely be treated with an extra “care” so that everybody knows how full of shit you are, how shitty your business is, and why no one should ever take you seriously. Because as an enemy of the people you so totally deserve it!

7. And last but not the least, he has no sense of humor. Obviously, no one who takes himself so totally seriously can possibly have any sense of humor, let alone be funny.
Murderous, perhaps. All good commies are. Funny? Not a chance! Commies, pedophile Catholic priests, Scientologists, Big Mikes, and related creeps are always on a mission. And that is never funny. Especially, if you are on a receiving end of it.

Yes, he is so totally a commie. And to most of his followers, it’s awesome.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.’s privacy sham

Recently, we were alerted by one of our blog readers to yet another example of blatant shenanigans on the so-called trading forum, which in reality is a deceptive and criminally negligent vendor business operating behind a facade of a trading forum and targeting the biggest section of every society on the face of planet Earth, and especially so in America, that of idiots and losers.

That this can be quite a profitable business goes without saying. That it can be abusive goes without saying too. After all, who really respects idiots or losers or cares about them? Pretty much no one, including idiots and losers if they can recognize themselves in the mirror. To be frank, we don’t either, except that we also don’t take advantage of them unlike Mikey Big and his ilk. We even try to help them, with predictable results, but at least we are having some positive impact on those a bit smarter or successful, or so we hope.

The shenanigans in questions are not new for we heard about them a few years ago on the forum. It’s an old shtick, really, by the measures of, formerly the Big Mike Trading forum, the same old pattern of abusing the privacy of people using the PM function of the forum in question.

As we learned years ago, Big Mike (Michael Boulter, the criminal in charge of that forum for dipshits and losers) reserves himself the “right” to monitor private messaging of the forum members, especially those he does not completely trust. Of course, this “right” is not disclosed, but, then again, neither is the fact that he is a vendor. It’s not like you can really expect transparency from a pathological liar.

The person that alerted us about this abuse of privacy did so via Twitter’s DM (see the image below that for the sake of privacy hides that person’s Twitter handle).

Here’s what he says in his last direct message (DM):

“Also- When the poster on page 7 was banned for expressing his opinion- all members who communicated with this person via Private Message within BMT were also quietly banned- Indicating to me that Mikey monitors personal private messages especially when members do not agree with his flawed views.”

michael_boulter_futuresio_privacy_shamWell, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Michael Boulter changed the name of his “forum” from Big Mike Trading to since the previous name became synonymous with sham, scam, fraud, you name it. Yet, as you would expect from an incorrigible sociopath, his ways of running the “new” “forum” are still the same.

Perhaps it’s not surprising at all that he resorts to monitoring the private discussions of his followers. He is a profoundly insecure loser, running a legally questionable operation, so questionable that he had to move it from Texas to a borderline banana republic of Panama in order to avoid further conflicts with the US law.

But that obviously does not make it right. You have the right to privacy and what he is doing may and should have legal ramifications. Of course, now that he operates his sham business from Panama, he may be even more impudent at violating your rights, which, if you are smart, should be one more reason to boycott his business.

As well as a good reason to keep talking about this and similar shenanigans of his in public. Even more than before. is a good place for that. Better than most.

Let us mention once more what we did here on many past occasions, and in this article in particular. Namely, that no other trading forum is as questionable, as blatantly violating social norms we are accustomed to in the West, as

While other trading forums may not be better and most of them suck rather badly too, no other trading forum, to the best of our knowledge, has ever been accused of violating the privacy of its members. The only forum we did hear reports of this nature about is

For another sham by the same operator check out our previous article.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.

Big Mike’s charity sham

Shortly before last Christmas, Big Mike (Michael Boulter, the fraud in charge of a vendor syndicate masquerading as a trading forum known officially as or futuresio, formerly the Big Mike Trading forum) decided to organize another charitable action.

This time with some orphans in Ecuador in mind, though those could as well be expensive whores because how can you really be sure how the money he raised was spent. It’s not like a guy with a reputation of a pathological liar can be trusted.

Ecuador is the country where he is now hiding, and where, as we predict, he will be seeking a citizenship status, so that he could never be held accountable for his dubious business practices in the US; Ecuador is not that quick to extradite its citizens. In the US, anyone could sue this guy rather easily, but most people either have not enough time for that or know too well that ultimately it is the lawyers that win.

Still, sued he got, so a precedent has been made and the next case would be more damning for proving a certain pattern of, at the very least, a criminally negligent behavior.

Let us look more closely into Mike Boulter charitable actions scheme because that’s what it really is: a scheme or a recurring gimmick designed to make him look larger than he really is, to manipulate the poor suckers who follow him by appealing to their positive emotions (empathy) and to test the waters time and again to see how many of them still can be conned.

For starters, that’s still the same guy who charges his followers for free indicators, so if you think that this guy has a charitable bone in his body, you are seriously delusional.

Two, no other trading forum does that and hardly any other trading vendor either. Except, of course, those very few who blatantly use it for self-promotion, which is cheap if not disgusting. Those may also like to use religion for the same purpose, as a gimmick to convince their prospective or actual clients that they are somehow better, more trustworthy, more spiritual, or, at least, more deserving of attention. Heck, if they believe in God, how can you possibly not believe them!?

Here’s our truly spiritual advice: avoid businesses and people like that at all costs.

There’s nothing wrong at all about giving to charity, but doing so through a business of a dubious reputation is a bad idea, to say the least. Do it on your own, don’t let anyone exploit your kindness for their own purposes.

Three, and most importantly, this particular charitable action was only for those who are the members of the elite club of imbeciles (see the Twitter image attesting to this below) who paid for the free indicators. In other words, in order to even contribute to this effort, quite noble in principle, you would have to pay $100 first!

futuresio_sham_charity_1Now, if you really wanted to help those poor orphans in Ecuador, would you force people to pay a rather steep charity admission fee first?

That makes no sense at all, unless your goal is not really to help the poor children, but to enrich yourself! To do this via a charitable action is morally disgusting! To do this in the name of orphans is even more, and to do this as a Christmas charity must be offensive to every Christian! If he did it to Muslims, he would now be another Salman Rushdie sans the brains and decency.

We don’t know if there are any laws that prevent this type of “charitable” actions, but we believe that there should be. That smacks of fraud!

Was that Christmas charity initiative of a success?

Hardly so, to put it rather mildly. Not many, save for totally delusional that you can find anywhere and especially on the forum in question, responded to it. The total collected before Christmas and proudly announced on Twitter was a “staggering” 1364 dollars (see the image below), which, considering that the forum boasted of about 75,000 members back then (with probably at least 50,000 being members of its “elite” part) amounts to less than a dime per head. Wow!
futuresio_sham_charity_2A good trader can make that much (or more) in one good day (check out Dr. Puszkarz’s Twitter feed for evidence of that), and if Big Bozo were as good a trader as he seems to be pretending to be these days (we don’t believe one bit of it and we doubt he even trades at all now that he is far away from the US shores), he would have easily eclipsed this puny amount with his own generous contribution.

Well, he didn’t because generous he is not, and he can’t even fake it! On the contrary, he is disgustingly greedy. An honorable, wealthy person would have never asked for any donations for his or her charitable pet cause unless they would be willing to match each and every of these donations, in the first place.

And if the forum had any profitable traders, this sum would have been much bigger too. That means that either it doesn’t or they simply don’t trust Big Bozo. So much about self-promotion. Looks like it backfired totally. The number of suckers Big Bozo can take for granted appears to be getting smaller and smaller with each of his “charity” events. Even the Christmas one was a failure.

Expect the loser to re-invent the game again, just like he attempted to re-invent his “forum” by changing its name from the one synonymous with fraud to something that may or may not have anything in common with futures; we are certain it has nothing to do with trading them.

Our opinion about the kind of charitable actions that Michael Boulter has been engaging in to boost the morale of his delusional troops and portray himself as a caring man is not different from the opinion of the majority of folks. Not that it matters because we like to be contrarian, but in this case, judging by this article, we are hardly in the minority.

That in turn suggests that either Michael Boulter is totally out of touch with reality or he simply does not care. Well, it is most likely the latter. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t have to. His troops are carefully selected. Only the dumbest and the most obedient are allowed to stay on his forum and bask in the limelight of the “enlightened” ones like Michael Boulter or Harald Steinhaus or others of the same ilk.

Anybody with a feeblest capacity for independent thinking has to go, as evidenced, for instance, by how David Cohen was treated there the moment he found Big Bozo’s actions too reprehensible to keep quiet about it (see this tweet).

It’s a forum for people who believe that Michael Boulter cannot possibly do anything wrong, even though he is the most blatantly transparent fraud in the trading marketplace these days. He is so bad that he had to emigrate from America, the country where illegals roam free, and establish his business in a borderline banana republic of Panama.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.

We pinned a tweet and other Twitter stories

So we pinned a tweet (see the image below). We also added a new category to this blog. It includes posts where Twitter is mentioned in more than a casual manner.


The tweet we pinned would not have been possible without Dr. Michael Berman, one of our followers, and we would like to use this opportunity to thank him again.

We may rotate this tweet with some other tweets that we also like, but so far we have no other candidates. It’s not that important and we are quite happy with our original pinned tweet.

Dr. Michael Berman is one of our four Ph.D. followers (others have been been mentioned in this post). While we may not have that many followers, we do have a relatively high number of accomplished people among them. By those we mean folks with a Ph.D., M.D., M.B.A., or similar academic or professional titles.

Of course, everyone can follow us on Twitter and we always reciprocate it, though we reserve ourselves the right not to follow people who have no business to be on Twitter, in our opinion, or who have unfollowed us and then followed us again. The latter are most likely trolls or some other confused or manipulative (even worse) individuals.

But, as a rule, we follow everyone back eventually, meaning we may need some time to reciprocate your following because we do not tend to our Twitter feed that often. Usually, only around the time we post here.

Our Twitter feed is

A note on integrity

Within 24 hours of writing this piece, Lawrence of Arabia @5minutetrade, unfollowed us; see our Twitter exchange that led to this in the image below (click on it to enlarge it).


Let us use this occasion to illustrate what we meant in the post preceding it by “our followers are, in general, the people of high integrity who also tend to be independent thinkers, the total opposite of the crowd that Big Mike attracts.”

This integrity thing really boils down to the willingness of accepting the reality as it is rather than as you would like it to be. We made it really simple.

Some people, and we bet most of those on fit this profile to a tee, would rather live in their echo chambers, accepting only what they want to hear. Ideally, with extra sugarcoating. Some others, like our favorite German douchebag, hate the reality so badly that they would outright fabricate things to suit their ideas about the world instead of facing it.

Such people, obviously, are incapable of being successful traders. That goes without saying. That is also why and its leader are the biggest frauds in the trading marketplace: precisely because they target those least likely to succeed at trading.

How would you like a doctor tell you that you have some 20 years to live while you are in the terminal stage of cancer? Probably not much, if you are an honest person.

Well, there’s really little difference between a doctor like that and Michael Boulter, the biggest dream peddler out there, who should know better because he has blown two of his trading accounts already. To allude to our recent tweet, “you need to be a successful trader to understand what it means or takes to be one” or else you are fooling yourself, at the very best, if you think you can help others in their endeavors of becoming one.

When it comes to Michael Boulter, we believe he is no fool. He’s a deliberate fraud.  And as long as there are many people like Lawrence of Arabia who don’t like their myths, prejudices, unwarranted beliefs, and the like, to be challenged by facts, he will feel unchallenged as well. (futuresio) is now under the Panama City jurisdiction

Just as you would probably expect it. Where else could a fraud feel safer than in some borderline banana republic? The US jurisdiction is apparently not safe enough for him. And it shouldn’t be.

Here is a link to the tweet in which we notified you about this latest development in the (futuresio) further decline from what once might have been a trading forum to an outright criminal vendor syndicate. See also the screenshot below posted here for posterity (click on it to enlarge it).


We checked out the Big Bozo Twitter feed since October 21, 2015, the date of the last Terms of Use update, and guess what? He did not mention this change. But he did sure mention that he was on a fast (see the screenshot below).


Like anyone really gives a damn about how fat he is. Everybody knows that Big Mike really stands for Fat(head) Mike, no need to tell us all the details. And how professional is it to dump stuff like that into a business Twitter feed? Sounds a bit narcissistic on top of that, to say the least.