We decided to add this page since many of our posts focus on the Big Mike Trading forum (now futures.io), which is a forum in name only, in reality being a very questionable trading vendors’ syndicate.

We have dedicated many posts to this trading “forum”; so many in fact, that some people might have been given a wrong impression about our agenda.

We address the wrong impression issue in this post, so you probably should check it out first. It sums up what’s really so wrong with this bogus trading forum.

All posts dealing with the Big Mike Trading forum and futures.io belong to two main  categories:

Big Mike Trading forum

Our Twitter feed where we may also comment on futures.io is located here.

Twitter is the only social medium that we use, but keep in mind that we don’t use it  that often. In fact, since using it can be quite addictive, we avoid it as much as possible.  Still, feel free to join us there. We practically always follow back.