We are a group of friends that have know each other for many years, going way back to our college or even high school days. We have different backgrounds, but we are all highly analytical.

One of us is a programmer with about 20 years of experience and 10 years of active trading using his own indicators. Another is a philosopher by training with an uncanny ability to time the market turns. Last but not the least, we have among ourselves a physics Ph.D. who worked as a quant on Wall Street for many years, only to “retire” to trade his own account. Quite successfully too.

We are not trading nor other vendors and we have nothing to sell. We have no particular agenda save for exposing those who may not be what they claim or would like you to believe to be. Some people may not be as savory as they seem to be and you may want to think twice before dealing with them or even trusting what they say.

You may find our posts humorous because we intend them to be such, but don’t be fooled by that. The message and the form are two different things. The posts are meant to be educational, but they are not meant as advice in your dealings with anyone. The information they contain was verified to be correct at the time of the original posting, but by all means do check if it is still so as things change over time. Especially on the Internet.

Since we are all pretty busy, you should not expect us to contribute to this blog too often, but we hope to keep it going.

Just in case, may we suggest that you bookmark this blog. And if you could spread a word about it, we would be truly delighted.

Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you back!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Is one of your “friends” this Tim Allen sockpuppet YouTube account you created? The one with the stock image of a guy holding a baby?

    • Can be a tricky business finding good training for a trading career. Market Geometry are good and if you dont want to fork out for any subs, a scottish guy called john ftseman has a good youtube channel packed with some serious skills. He was with marketgeometry.com for a while and has had some seriously good teachers. This isnt a plug – you wont get directed to any fee paying site.

      • We don’t appreciate that you are using this page to shill for marketgeometry.com. Not only are we not impressed by this site and its business, but if we ever decide to comment on it on this very blog, you will come to regret your misguided comment.

  2. BIG Mike banned me for telling the truth about his sponsors. I thing he is dangerous. Him and his groupies mislead people to please his sponsors. They make lots money of us. Avoid them at any cost. Look what I found about him. Big Mike pretends to be so knowledgeable when in reality he is just 33 year Mike old punk ( no colledge degree)a Star Trek and Entourage fan. Check it out.
    Here is Mike G. Boulter aka Big Mike, 34 year old
    He is a 1995 graduate of Mansfield High School.
    loves star trek ,

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