Freedom of expression is doing fine in America

Apparently so. Relatively speaking, that is.

At least, according to this survey by the renowned Pew Research Center (see also the image below).

(We have been alerted to it by Dr. Puszkarz’s retweet – just to give the credit where it’s due. He’s one of our Twitter followers and a smart guy all around whose Twitter feeds are among the best, in our opinion.)

Note that the US is number one in this image: USA, USA, USA! That’s certainly nice.

Note also that Poland is not far behind, followed closely by Spain. We should probably not be be surprised by Poland’s relatively high position since the just mentioned Waldemar Puszkarz, born and raised in Poland, is one of our supporters and this blog of ours is very committed to freedom of speech, as you may have noticed.

Or, to put it only slightly less modestly, great minds think alike. We are not entirely serious here, but there is no denying that people who appreciate freedom of speech are more likely to support those who appreciate it too than the people hostile to it and to liberal values in general. And, not to continue bragging but to state a fact, we have among our Twitter followers more than one Ph.D. – at least four to the best of our knowledge.

We are also not surprised by Germany’s very low position – lower even than Tanzania! WFT, Germany, still missing Uncle Hitler!??

We have mentioned in our previous posts a rather large German representation on the most blatantly criminal trading forum we know of. This forum also stands out by suppressing freedom of expression in favor of some vaguely defined “niceness” or just because it can or because its owner has the mentality of an insecure Nazi schmuck. Whatever the reasons for that might be, it does so to a much greater extent than any other trading forum out there.

Yes, it’s (formerly the Big Mike Trading forum) that we are talking about, of course.

This survey explains quite well, we believe, why Germans feel so comfortably on that forum. The less appreciation for freedom of expression you have, the more comfortable you will feel there.

As you can see from the next screenshot of the survey article, there are quite pronounced differences in how this issue is approached in various strata of the American society. The differences are generational, but also along racial and political lines.

We are not surprised that Millennials, who invented safe spaces and trigger warnings and who feel offended even by comedians, are the generation most likely to object to offensive speech. It’s probably correct to say that both Michael Boulter (Big Mike) and his most dedicated troops belong to this generation. And, as we have argued in our recent article, Big Bozo is as commie as they get, hence likely to vote Democrat too.

Let us be clear: we have no problem with those voting Democrat (or in any other manner). But this blog and its authors are committed to classical liberal values, and social and economic freedoms are paramount among them.

The culture definitely strikes us as the culture of snowflakes too insecure to take shit from their fellow 400 pound fatso (to borrow from Donald J. Trump) yet fancying themselves putting on 100-lot positions and not shitting in their pants at the same time.

Many members of (judging from their posts on, for instance) have no problem with Big Mike acting like a mad strongman (and may even find it admirable) and banning people for the slightest of “offenses” such as being “openly” Jewish, according to some complaints. Yep, we said it before that he we was a closet Nazi scumbag!

Of course, being German, even criminally offensive, is totally fine there, as exemplified by the case of one particularly perfidious German douchebag, Harald Steinhaus.

No, we are not suggesting that Germans should boycott the hate site where Jews are not particularly welcome. Not at all. In fact, this very suggestion, we are sure, would cause poor Germans way too much anguish. And it’s totally inhuman to even suggest that without a proper trigger warning or two, isn’t it?

Addendum: We wrote this post in the second half of 2016, or about a year ago. Things in the US are now a bit different due to the Trump victory and his not so well hidden an ambition to become a benevolent dictator. Things have changed in Poland too, but at least Poles seem to be fighting for their freedoms protesting on the streets against a populist government and they may actually be winning. They are known to be fierce freedom fighters, so that’s no surprise. Americans, on the other hand, apparently believe that Twitter and Facebook will solve everything for them. Good luck with that! Counter protests when white supremacists are in full force in the streets may as well serve as evidence that liberal America has surrendered its initiative. Killing honest discussions with people who refuse to toe the PC line is another reason why Trump and his most aggressive troops are on the offensive and seems to be winning. Yes, James Damore, whose affair we may address at greater length in another piece, should not have been fired just like many of those who have been banned from the Big Mike ( trading forum should not have been banned either. That’s basically the same issue.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.