Big Mike is no Hillary Clinton but …

(Nor is he Bill Clinton …)

But … he has quite a bit in common with her (or her husband).

Big Mike (Michael Boulter in real life currently hiding in Ecuador while pretending to be in Chicago, IL) is the founder of (previously Big Mike Trading forum), a questionable vendor enterprise under the cover of a trading forum. That’s in lieu of introduction for those new to our favorite douchebag and BS artist in the trading marketplace.

You will find more about him and his dubious trading forum in this category.

Unfortunately, what Big Mike and Hillary have in common makes her unpopular and untrustworthy with the American public.

How this affects his popularity is not easy to tell, but we believe it affects it negatively among the more intelligent, more educated Internet crowd and among those with higher professional or ethical standards.

Hillary is pretty lucky that her major opponent’s campaign strategy seems to try and offend as many people as possible in order to appeal to his base that apparently craves this type of shtick. He is the ultimate bad boy version of reality TV. They love this vacuous alpha male because he makes things so simple (easy to do if you are often clueless about them) and projects the image of a strong leader. Putin is using this shtick in Russia and Trump believes it’s working neglecting the fact that this has also made Russia a pariah among the democratic nations whose citizens still enjoy more (and greater) freedoms than poor Russians. And, let’s face it, Putin sounds like an intellectual compared to Trump and his macho image does not strike us as phony for the man is in very good shape and seems to be taking care of his body.

Let’s hope America does not lose its status in the world, if the Donald wins. But if Trump were more “presidential” or if she were running against a more conventional opponent, it is unlikely Hillary would be doing as well as she is.

Let us name just two things that contribute to Hillary’s unpopularity. In the context of Big Mike, we have mentioned them on this blog before.

One is not drawing a clear line between her charitable activity via her (and her husband’s) foundation and getting rich in the process using the same channels as for the charitable work. That has resulted in a round of  criticism after the recent Wikileaks disclosures (see the tweet below with a link to the Wall Street Journal where this issue is discussed).

If you want to know how Big Mike is mixing his charity events with business see this post.

See also the video below by The Young Turks, a popular liberal YouTube channel, which is devastating to Clintons. Yes, it’s a liberal channel, even very liberal.

Hillary supporters like to counter that Trump’s charitable foundation is not better. That may be true or not, but this does not excuse your candidate. Moreover, since Hillary is a lawyer, one should expect her to have a bit more respect for the law than the guy who comes across as a con man. And you expect to trust a public servant more than a businessman, because the former is paid by your tax money.

Speaking of con men (or con women) and similar specimens, they routinely abuse charities to enrich themselves directly or indirectly. There are many such specimens in the trading marketplace. Big Mike, however blatantly abusive  or “innovative” in this regard, is not a trailblazer. This has been going on for many years and it is no exaggeration to say that there is a plague of dubious charitable activities out there. We strongly advise that you take a contrarian view of anyone who tries to bamboozle you with his or her charitable activity in order to sell you something.

We may dedicate a special article to this very issue of “charity marketing” in future.  We have alluded to it in the previous article too.

And then there is the issue of paranoia and conspiracy which got her into serious trouble culminating in an FBI investigation related to the infamous private email server that was not exactly a kosher one. You expect someone in her position, then as Secretary of State, to have more appreciation for the national security, yet using an unauthorized server was a very dumb thing to do because of security issues this entails. If that were not enough, quite a number of emails from the server are missing having been deleted by her lawyers and we don’t know what they contain and what risk they may pose to the nation’s security.

This investigation remains open a week before the election day (at the time of this writing), having been just revisited, and projects negatively on both her image and her chances to win decidedly to claim a strong mandate. She may still win the electoral vote (and the election), but Trump may win the popularity contest claiming the majority of votes and making her presidency look weak, hence more vulnerable to attacks from the opposition.

Big Mike’s paranoia and penchant for conspiracy are totally off the charts.

This is the guy who can ban you from his “forum” for virtually anything, and even expunge your posts afterwards. This happened to one of our Twitter followers, David Cohen, and we know of at least one more person who experienced the same treatment. Big Mike even banned Roger Felton for what the latter had said about his trading “expertise” in a private email to a third party!  He can monitor your private messages on the forum, blatantly violating your privacy.

The guy’s paranoia is worse than Nixon’s!

He is a vendor who hides being one (and can ban you if you suggest he disclose that!), which coupled with the fact that he orchestrates hit jobs against his competitors (other vendors) is more than just a conspiracy. It is a criminal one.

Some people may believe that our “fascination” (for lack of better word) with Big Mike and our strong criticism of his sleazy, manipulative, fraudulent business is due to some personal reasons.

No, it’s not, and we will address this issue in a more extensive manner in one of our future articles.

It’s very much of the same kind as the American public distrust and criticism of Clintons that has a pretty long history.

Barack Obama is leaving his two terms without any personal scandal (at least we cannot think of one). Bill Clinton, while presiding over a booming economy, left behind a trail of sleaze that made him look pretty bad and his presidency pretty tarnished. And he seemed not to care one bit till the very end, as evidenced by his extremely controversial decision of pardoning Marc Rich that even Jimmy Carter found offensive (see this post which also shows that we do not talk only about Big Mike here).

Our issue with Big Mike is precisely of the same kind. Nothing else, nothing more. His is the most sleazy, manipulative, fraudulent vendor business we know of and since it’s also pretty influential, we focus on it more than on some small, usually ephemeral, vendor fish. Just as you would focus more on what a US president is doing rather than what a Joe Schmoe may be doing.

Finally, let us add that we are not partisans.

We are very much politically independent and our view of the 2016 presidential election is best expressed by the image in the tweet below (see also here). Unfortunately, that’s also a view of many people out there, including some of our Twitter followers (see this blog post or this tweet, for instance).

We don’t think that Trump is better, but in light of Clintons’ corruption he can hardly be considered worse in terms of trustworthiness, at least to his supporters for whom his habitual lying does not seem to be much of a problem. Moreover, Trump represents the mythical change in Washington, that distant cousin of pink unicorns, that Barack Obama promised and did not deliver, while Hillary Clinton is a status quo candidate. It’s unlikely that Trump will do better than Obama if elected, and may even turn out to be a spectacular failure, but many Americans think he should be given a chance. And that’s only fair.

But we still hope he will not win. Because we really want America to be greater than Russia. It already is, but with Trump in the office, this can’t be taken for granted. It would be painful to watch Putin kicking Trump’s ass in Twitter wars.

What’s worse Putin may do this without firing a single tweet, by simply totally ignoring Trump’s tweets causing the Donald to self-destruct!

Of course, now with Big Mike living in Ecuador, America may no longer be considered greater than Ecuador, but we just have to accept it.

Disclaimer. This post should not be viewed as an endorsement of any US presidential candidate, but it may be viewed as a comment on the US presidential elections this time around. We suggest that you vote your conscience.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.


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