Big Mike is so totally a commie

Big Mike (Michael Boulter in real life), the founder of the Big Mike Trading forum (now, would be a joke if his questionable business activity were not dangerous to the trading marketplace.

One reason it is dangerous stems from the fact that Michael Boulter is a commie.

We alluded to this recently when describing his business model as anti-capitalist. It’s basically a parasitic enterprise that offers precious little to its customers, wastes their time in spades (time is money, remember?), and often treats them instrumentally – not only as a giant piggy bank, though this seems to be the preferred use.

But there is more to that. There is a certain pattern to how he does things that clearly indicates a commie mentality.

Let us mention some very telling elements of this pattern in a few points with some comments.

1. When Michael Boulter blew two of his trading accounts, he started a trading forum to socialize his losses. As you can easily imagine, the guy who just blew not just one but two trading accounts in a row is probably the worst guy to bring the trading education to the masses. He is a total fraud if he believes otherwise. Big Mike obviously knows that and that’s why he is so profoundly insecure.

2. When he got sued by a respectable futures brokerage for libel (and forced by a judge to remove the offending pages, effectively losing the case) he did the same thing: he started a legal defense fund to socialize his legal expenses for a lawsuit that could have easily been avoided but since he is a reckless, malicious moron he chose not to pursue this track. The defense fund turned out to be a total failure and eventually convinced him to seek a safer place to operate his sham business from (outside the US, in a borderline banana republic of Panama), where his reckless behavior would be less of a problem.

Commies are really good at socializing losses. The whole communist concept of governing boils down to this very simple idea: to make the masses accountable for the effects of the sham economic system foisted on them by the leaders of the working class; it’s socializing the economic losses en masse in the name of morally and intellectually suspect ideology that actually serves only those at the top and their most dedicated sycophants.

3. He has no respect for free speech. He will ban you from the forum the moment he feels threatened by what you say on it and even outside it! He banned Mr. Felton for questioning his trading acumen totally in private! Not even remotely close to the forum. That’s how insecure he is and that’s how hell bent on censoring freedom of expression he is. Very pathologically so.

Very much just like commies for whom freedom of speech is a mortal danger because when people can speak freely, sooner or later they can also organize and challenge the communist orthodoxy. That happened in the early 80s of last century in Poland, then the country with a relatively liberal communist rule, where the Solidarity movement was born. The rest was just history, as they say. Big Mikes of this world are very well aware that in order to keep their sham running, repressing free speech is a must. If he is prudent, he should also keep Poles at a safe distance, but with a large German contingent on led by a genuine German douchebag, Harald Steinhaus, most Poles are likely to steer clear of that Goebbelsian stronghold with disgust.

4. The communist ideology sees the business class as the enemies of the working class. That does not have to be true, as they can certainly coexist, but for purely ideological reasons, the business class is seen by commies with contempt and distrusted as always scheming to enslave the working class. The idea of dividing and conquering has not exactly started with the commies, but commies have always treated this idea as part of their ideology: the business class is the enemy of the people, period.

Big Mike implemented this idea into running his business as well: it’s trading vendors who are the enemies of traders, the “working” people. If it were only possible to eliminate those parasites, the world would be perfect with all the poor suckers making gobs of money and giving it (ideally all) to the noble causes championed by Big Bozo. Of course, the fact that he is a vendor himself has to be hidden or else this would be a serious blow to this commie-like story of “class” war. Yes, he is a vendor and his forum is really a vendor syndicate promoting the interest of his business and the vendors’ beholden to him.

5. Big Mike is also big time into various charitable actions. That’s because just like commies he loves to distribute your money as it pleases him, using it for his pet causes. After all, you are just an insignificant unit, and what truly matters is not you but the brotherly love of all animals, large and small.

6. No other forum stresses respect as much as his so that you feel really shitty guilty when you are found disrespectful to him, his anointed vendors, or trusted business allies. Denying the official line of the communist party leadership in the former Soviet Union could cost you a lot too, even serving time in a gulag camp or two. Fortunately, Michael Boulter is an enlightened commie. If you ever disrespect him or his fellow BS artists, you will only be banned from the forum. Well, if you are a vendor, your business will most likely be treated with an extra “care” so that everybody knows how full of shit you are, how shitty your business is, and why no one should ever take you seriously. Because as an enemy of the people you so totally deserve it!

7. And last but not the least, he has no sense of humor. Obviously, no one who takes himself so totally seriously can possibly have any sense of humor, let alone be funny.
Murderous, perhaps. All good commies are. Funny? Not a chance! Commies, pedophile Catholic priests, Scientologists, Big Mikes, and related creeps are always on a mission. And that is never funny. Especially, if you are on a receiving end of it.

Yes, he is so totally a commie. And to most of his followers, it’s awesome.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.