Futures.io’s privacy sham

Recently, we were alerted by one of our blog readers to yet another example of blatant shenanigans on the futures.io so-called trading forum, which in reality is a deceptive and criminally negligent vendor business operating behind a facade of a trading forum and targeting the biggest section of every society on the face of planet Earth, and especially so in America, that of idiots and losers.

That this can be quite a profitable business goes without saying. That it can be abusive goes without saying too. After all, who really respects idiots or losers or cares about them? Pretty much no one, including idiots and losers if they can recognize themselves in the mirror. To be frank, we don’t either, except that we also don’t take advantage of them unlike Mikey Big and his ilk. We even try to help them, with predictable results, but at least we are having some positive impact on those a bit smarter or successful, or so we hope.

The shenanigans in questions are not new for we heard about them a few years ago on the EliteTrader.com forum. It’s an old shtick, really, by the measures of futures.io, formerly the Big Mike Trading forum, the same old pattern of abusing the privacy of people using the PM function of the forum in question.

As we learned years ago, Big Mike (Michael Boulter, the criminal in charge of that forum for dipshits and losers) reserves himself the “right” to monitor private messaging of the forum members, especially those he does not completely trust. Of course, this “right” is not disclosed, but, then again, neither is the fact that he is a vendor. It’s not like you can really expect transparency from a pathological liar.

The person that alerted us about this abuse of privacy did so via Twitter’s DM (see the image below that for the sake of privacy hides that person’s Twitter handle).

Here’s what he says in his last direct message (DM):

“Also- When the poster on page 7 was banned for expressing his opinion- all members who communicated with this person via Private Message within BMT were also quietly banned- Indicating to me that Mikey monitors personal private messages especially when members do not agree with his flawed views.”

michael_boulter_futuresio_privacy_shamWell, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Michael Boulter changed the name of his “forum” from Big Mike Trading to futures.io since the previous name became synonymous with sham, scam, fraud, you name it. Yet, as you would expect from an incorrigible sociopath, his ways of running the “new” “forum” are still the same.

Perhaps it’s not surprising at all that he resorts to monitoring the private discussions of his followers. He is a profoundly insecure loser, running a legally questionable operation, so questionable that he had to move it from Texas to a borderline banana republic of Panama in order to avoid further conflicts with the US law.

But that obviously does not make it right. You have the right to privacy and what he is doing may and should have legal ramifications. Of course, now that he operates his sham business from Panama, he may be even more impudent at violating your rights, which, if you are smart, should be one more reason to boycott his business.

As well as a good reason to keep talking about this and similar shenanigans of his in public. Even more than before. EliteTrader.com is a good place for that. Better than most.

Let us mention once more what we did here on many past occasions, and in this article in particular. Namely, that no other trading forum is as questionable, as blatantly violating social norms we are accustomed to in the West, as futures.io.

While other trading forums may not be better and most of them suck rather badly too, no other trading forum, to the best of our knowledge, has ever been accused of violating the privacy of its members. The only forum we did hear reports of this nature about is futures.io.

For another sham by the same operator check out our previous article.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or futures.io. But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.