Big Mike’s charity sham

Shortly before last Christmas, Big Mike (Michael Boulter, the fraud in charge of a vendor syndicate masquerading as a trading forum known officially as or futuresio, formerly the Big Mike Trading forum) decided to organize another charitable action.

This time with some orphans in Ecuador in mind, though those could as well be expensive whores because how can you really be sure how the money he raised was spent. It’s not like a guy with a reputation of a pathological liar can be trusted.

Ecuador is the country where he is now hiding, and where, as we predict, he will be seeking a citizenship status, so that he could never be held accountable for his dubious business practices in the US; Ecuador is not that quick to extradite its citizens. In the US, anyone could sue this guy rather easily, but most people either have not enough time for that or know too well that ultimately it is the lawyers that win.

Still, sued he got, so a precedent has been made and the next case would be more damning for proving a certain pattern of, at the very least, a criminally negligent behavior.

Let us look more closely into Mike Boulter charitable actions scheme because that’s what it really is: a scheme or a recurring gimmick designed to make him look larger than he really is, to manipulate the poor suckers who follow him by appealing to their positive emotions (empathy) and to test the waters time and again to see how many of them still can be conned.

For starters, that’s still the same guy who charges his followers for free indicators, so if you think that this guy has a charitable bone in his body, you are seriously delusional.

Two, no other trading forum does that and hardly any other trading vendor either. Except, of course, those very few who blatantly use it for self-promotion, which is cheap if not disgusting. Those may also like to use religion for the same purpose, as a gimmick to convince their prospective or actual clients that they are somehow better, more trustworthy, more spiritual, or, at least, more deserving of attention. Heck, if they believe in God, how can you possibly not believe them!?

Here’s our truly spiritual advice: avoid businesses and people like that at all costs.

There’s nothing wrong at all about giving to charity, but doing so through a business of a dubious reputation is a bad idea, to say the least. Do it on your own, don’t let anyone exploit your kindness for their own purposes.

Three, and most importantly, this particular charitable action was only for those who are the members of the elite club of imbeciles (see the Twitter image attesting to this below) who paid for the free indicators. In other words, in order to even contribute to this effort, quite noble in principle, you would have to pay $100 first!

futuresio_sham_charity_1Now, if you really wanted to help those poor orphans in Ecuador, would you force people to pay a rather steep charity admission fee first?

That makes no sense at all, unless your goal is not really to help the poor children, but to enrich yourself! To do this via a charitable action is morally disgusting! To do this in the name of orphans is even more, and to do this as a Christmas charity must be offensive to every Christian! If he did it to Muslims, he would now be another Salman Rushdie sans the brains and decency.

We don’t know if there are any laws that prevent this type of “charitable” actions, but we believe that there should be. That smacks of fraud!

Was that Christmas charity initiative of a success?

Hardly so, to put it rather mildly. Not many, save for totally delusional that you can find anywhere and especially on the forum in question, responded to it. The total collected before Christmas and proudly announced on Twitter was a “staggering” 1364 dollars (see the image below), which, considering that the forum boasted of about 75,000 members back then (with probably at least 50,000 being members of its “elite” part) amounts to less than a dime per head. Wow!
futuresio_sham_charity_2A good trader can make that much (or more) in one good day (check out Dr. Puszkarz’s Twitter feed for evidence of that), and if Big Bozo were as good a trader as he seems to be pretending to be these days (we don’t believe one bit of it and we doubt he even trades at all now that he is far away from the US shores), he would have easily eclipsed this puny amount with his own generous contribution.

Well, he didn’t because generous he is not, and he can’t even fake it! On the contrary, he is disgustingly greedy. An honorable, wealthy person would have never asked for any donations for his or her charitable pet cause unless they would be willing to match each and every of these donations, in the first place.

And if the forum had any profitable traders, this sum would have been much bigger too. That means that either it doesn’t or they simply don’t trust Big Bozo. So much about self-promotion. Looks like it backfired totally. The number of suckers Big Bozo can take for granted appears to be getting smaller and smaller with each of his “charity” events. Even the Christmas one was a failure.

Expect the loser to re-invent the game again, just like he attempted to re-invent his “forum” by changing its name from the one synonymous with fraud to something that may or may not have anything in common with futures; we are certain it has nothing to do with trading them.

Our opinion about the kind of charitable actions that Michael Boulter has been engaging in to boost the morale of his delusional troops and portray himself as a caring man is not different from the opinion of the majority of folks. Not that it matters because we like to be contrarian, but in this case, judging by this article, we are hardly in the minority.

That in turn suggests that either Michael Boulter is totally out of touch with reality or he simply does not care. Well, it is most likely the latter. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t have to. His troops are carefully selected. Only the dumbest and the most obedient are allowed to stay on his forum and bask in the limelight of the “enlightened” ones like Michael Boulter or Harald Steinhaus or others of the same ilk.

Anybody with a feeblest capacity for independent thinking has to go, as evidenced, for instance, by how David Cohen was treated there the moment he found Big Bozo’s actions too reprehensible to keep quiet about it (see this tweet).

It’s a forum for people who believe that Michael Boulter cannot possibly do anything wrong, even though he is the most blatantly transparent fraud in the trading marketplace these days. He is so bad that he had to emigrate from America, the country where illegals roam free, and establish his business in a borderline banana republic of Panama.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.


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