We pinned a tweet and other Twitter stories

So we pinned a tweet (see the image below). We also added a new category to this blog. It includes posts where Twitter is mentioned in more than a casual manner.


The tweet we pinned would not have been possible without Dr. Michael Berman, one of our followers, and we would like to use this opportunity to thank him again.

We may rotate this tweet with some other tweets that we also like, but so far we have no other candidates. It’s not that important and we are quite happy with our original pinned tweet.

Dr. Michael Berman is one of our four Ph.D. followers (others have been been mentioned in this post). While we may not have that many followers, we do have a relatively high number of accomplished people among them. By those we mean folks with a Ph.D., M.D., M.B.A., or similar academic or professional titles.

Of course, everyone can follow us on Twitter and we always reciprocate it, though we reserve ourselves the right not to follow people who have no business to be on Twitter, in our opinion, or who have unfollowed us and then followed us again. The latter are most likely trolls or some other confused or manipulative (even worse) individuals.

But, as a rule, we follow everyone back eventually, meaning we may need some time to reciprocate your following because we do not tend to our Twitter feed that often. Usually, only around the time we post here.

Our Twitter feed is https://twitter.com/TradingLoonies.