A note on integrity

Within 24 hours of writing this piece, Lawrence of Arabia @5minutetrade, unfollowed us; see our Twitter exchange that led to this in the image below (click on it to enlarge it).


Let us use this occasion to illustrate what we meant in the post preceding it by “our followers are, in general, the people of high integrity who also tend to be independent thinkers, the total opposite of the crowd that Big Mike attracts.”

This integrity thing really boils down to the willingness of accepting the reality as it is rather than as you would like it to be. We made it really simple.

Some people, and we bet most of those on futures.io fit this profile to a tee, would rather live in their echo chambers, accepting only what they want to hear. Ideally, with extra sugarcoating. Some others, like our favorite German douchebag, hate the reality so badly that they would outright fabricate things to suit their ideas about the world instead of facing it.

Such people, obviously, are incapable of being successful traders. That goes without saying. That is also why futures.io and its leader are the biggest frauds in the trading marketplace: precisely because they target those least likely to succeed at trading.

How would you like a doctor tell you that you have some 20 years to live while you are in the terminal stage of cancer? Probably not much, if you are an honest person.

Well, there’s really little difference between a doctor like that and Michael Boulter, the biggest dream peddler out there, who should know better because he has blown two of his trading accounts already. To allude to our recent tweet, “you need to be a successful trader to understand what it means or takes to be one” or else you are fooling yourself, at the very best, if you think you can help others in their endeavors of becoming one.

When it comes to Michael Boulter, we believe he is no fool. He’s a deliberate fraud.  And as long as there are many people like Lawrence of Arabia who don’t like their myths, prejudices, unwarranted beliefs, and the like, to be challenged by facts, he will feel unchallenged as well.


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