Futures.io (futuresio) is now under the Panama City jurisdiction

Just as you would probably expect it. Where else could a fraud feel safer than in some borderline banana republic? The US jurisdiction is apparently not safe enough for him. And it shouldn’t be.

Here is a link to the tweet in which we notified you about this latest development in the futures.io (futuresio) further decline from what once might have been a trading forum to an outright criminal vendor syndicate. See also the screenshot below posted here for posterity (click on it to enlarge it).


We checked out the Big Bozo Twitter feed since October 21, 2015, the date of the last Terms of Use update, and guess what? He did not mention this change. But he did sure mention that he was on a fast (see the screenshot below).


Like anyone really gives a damn about how fat he is. Everybody knows that Big Mike really stands for Fat(head) Mike, no need to tell us all the details. And how professional is it to dump stuff like that into a business Twitter feed? Sounds a bit narcissistic on top of that, to say the least.


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