Elitetrader.com folks mention us again

We thought it would be a good idea to reciprocate this by mentioning them here.

Elitetrader.com is probably the best trading forum out there. It’s for the smart crowd, not the type of a trader that would take Big Mike of the futures.io dubious fame seriously.
It is a forum where you can speak freely because its owner is not engaging in any suspect, let alone criminal, activity, and so he does not feel threatened by what is being posted there.

In fact, the Elitetrader.com members tend to be quite critical of Big Mike and his fraud. Big Mike tools were pretty active with their propaganda there, which was officially endorsed by Big Mike (Michael Boulter), who at some point was openly urging his troops to help him out to dispel the bad publicity his “forum” generated, but once Big Bozo got sued, all that manipulative activity seems to have stopped or have diminished significantly. Even his biggest tools finally figured out that the guy is a deranged, reckless, criminal moron, and defending him or his blatantly stupid actions was a totally losing proposition.

The Elitetrader.com members are also quite critical of other vendors, but their criticism is not of the Big Mike kind, which is deliberately malicious and manipulated by Big Bozo to suit his needs for the douchebag in question competes with the people he smears. As do many of the vendors there, and their number is far greater than on any other trading forum making it a real haven for the parasitic vendors because that’s the kind he attracts.

That he refuses to disclose his vendor status, and blatantly manipulates the tone of the discussion there, makes his forum an exercise in criminal conspiracy, though he insists on calling it “freedom of speech” as if the people he and his tools attack were actually allowed to respond to it. Now, that would be the freedom of speech as we understand it and how the Elitetrader.com owner appears to understand it too.

Below are three recent pieces that mention us on Elitetrader.com. Clicking on them will enlarge them.




In the first of them, Dr. Cohen, himself one of our Twitter followers, notices that we have four Ph.D.s among our Twitter followers. Yes, indeed, we do, and that’s one up from the previous count. We proud ourselves on attracting the highly educated crowd, though we do not discriminate against anyone.

But if educated folks follow us, that, we’d like to think, attests to the fact that we  do our homework before we write. In fact, unlike Big Mike and his troops who consistently spread smear, slander and all kinds of other lies, we stick to the facts and back our opinion with them as much as we can, which also means that everything we have said in this piece has already been backed up by many other such pieces (with evidence), dedicated to Michael Boulter and his fraud. Just search this category. Or this one.

David Cohen also points out that the vendors who follow us are of higher quality, more trustworthy than those following the Texan fraud. While we do not endorse any of them, we are inclined to agree with that statement too. We would certainly not trade them for those who follow Big Bozo. We intend to look into the business of the latter in due time. There is plenty not to like about some of them.

We believe that our followers are, in general, the people of higher integrity who also tend to be independent thinkers, the total opposite of the crowd that Big Mike attracts. We would like to thank them for following us on Twitter, for following this blog, and for spreading our message. Unlike Big Mike, we have nothing to sell. We only offer honest, free advice, and it’s entirely up to you to judge its value –  we will not ban you if you disagree with it. Unlike, again, guess who?

Thanks again to the folks at Elitetrader.com and to all of our Twitter followers for being the best Twitter followers out there.

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