Futuresio – the Big Mike Trading forum behind a new facade

The Big Mike Trading Forum is now futuresio or futures.io. Whatever to call it, it’s definitely not a trading forum that it pretends to be.

It’s the biggest sham operation in the trading world run by a criminally minded Texan loser who blew two of his trading accounts only to confirm that he is a reckless moron by getting sued by a respectable brokerage for allowing one of his useful, malicious tools to smear the said brokerage. Not only did he allow that to happen, but to demonstrate how Texan losers understand the idea of freedom of speech, he did not let the brokerage respond to the smear, which, incidentally, did not prevent him from running a fraudulent legal support fund under the agenda of protecting freedom of speech. No, we are not kidding at all!

That’s some freedom indeed. For the chosen. Ass kissers and useful tools should apply first. You have to be a total Texan douchebag to act like that. And criminally minded at that too.

Everything we have said on this blog about the Big Mike Trading forum, and we have said quite a bit about it, applies to futuresio as well. It’s the same sham that is desperately trying to hide its past behind yet another facade. Nothing else has changed there and nothing will: the guy in charge is still the same (Michael Boulter) and it is surrounded by the same clique of sleazy, underhanded operators, including the most despicable of them, Dirty Harry, or Harald Steinhaus, known largely by his forum handle of Fat Tails.

Futuresio (futures.io) is not a legitimate business.

It is deceptive, manipulative, and blatantly anti-capitalist. It’s Big Mike’s modern day Texan plantation with an Enron twist. Yes, Enron was also a Texan (wonder) company. Until it became known by its proper name, as one of the worst frauds in the US history.

We proud ourselves on being among the fiercest critics of Michael Boulter’s conspiratorial, fraudulent operation known previously as the Big Mike Trading forum and we are convinced that this criticism is to be credited for his decision to resort to yet another gimmick: changing the name from the one that had become associated with unmitigated sham and fraud to something new.

Except that this new is really the same old.

In related news, elitetrader.com, probably the most respectable trading forum out there, is still elitetrader.com, eminimethods.com, one of the most respectable and trustworthy sites for e-mini futures traders run by an excellent trader is still eminimethods.com, and fooledbyrandomness.com is still fooledbyrandomness.com. All of these sites have been mentioned on this blog before because we trust them.

The men who own these sites have one thing in common: none of them has been publicly accused of extortion unlike Michael Boulter, the “brain” behind the sham now known as futures.io. And, needless to say, none of them has been linked to promoting smear, slander, and piracy. Unlike, again, Michael Boulter. These guys know how to build their brand, unlike, let’s say it again, Michael Boulter, a veteran BS artist.

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