German predation is in the news again these days

So what else is new, really?

As Dr. Waldemar Puszkarz, one of our Twitter followers and supporters (not to mention an excellent e-mini futures scalper and respectable trading vendor) tweeted just recently, Germans have suddenly become concerned about their image.

No shit, Jose!

They are afraid that they might have been too hard on the poor Greeks whose country has been going through an epic (that’s from Greek epikos) economic crisis as of the past few years. The very same poor Greeks who should have never been accepted to the Eurozone when it was launched, pretty much along with the other Southern European nations that somehow too were included in the club, rather prematurely as well.

Not only do these Mediterranean nations enjoy cooking a lot, but they are so good at it that they can cook pretty much anything, including books. It’s “lifestyle” there and Germans knew it quite well because everybody does.

Corruption Perceptions Index of 2014, one measure of this “lifestyle,” shows that both Greece and Italy rank lower (69 out of 175 countries) than all post-communist countries of Northern Europe that are members of the EU, and Spain (37) a bit lower than Poland (35), the leader among this group of countries. Even Turkey (64) is doing slightly better than Greece!

The Euro might have been a good idea for a Northern part of the EU, but hardly for the party animals in the South. But, one should note that some of the highly developed EU nations in the North (Denmark, Sweden, and the UK) are not part of the Eurozone. Apparently, they woke up just in time and smelled the coffee; one may view it as a vote of no confidence of sorts for the German-led common currency union.

It would certainly not be the very first time in history that the image of Germans as perceived by independent observers made very close contact with the true German character, that of committed, ruthless predators. World War Two is still the best example of what this true German character appears to be.

70 years later, the world was beginning to forget it. Probably prematurely too.

The German penchant for inflicting humiliation, misery or harm on others, especially the weak or the defenseless, needs no special introduction. Read the history books. What’s sad and, frankly, even terrifying, at the same time, is that it persists even though it is widely hated. It also projects very negatively on Germans. You would think that Germans, as smart as they like to believe they are, would abandon it in a New York minute. However, it appears that German atavisms die particularly hard.

We have talked on this blog about one, but a particularly good example of that penchant, exhibited by our favorite German douchebag, a specimen named Harald Steinhaus who operates out of some Texas based shithole that insists on being called a trading forum, even though it is merely another trading vendor business, except that much more dishonest and criminally negligent than most such businesses are.

This “trading forum” is run by a veteran trading loser, who blew two of his day trading accounts and, if it were not enough, got recently sued for slander and publicly accused of extortion. His name is Mike Boulter, but he prefers to hide under the nickname of Big Mike (“big” as in “big loser”), though Reckless Moron would be infinitely more appropriate. He also hides that he is a vendor, meaning that not only is he a big loser, but also a big coward with a definite manipulative bent.

To repeat what we have said in greater detail in a few articles dedicated to Harald Steinhaus (this being the last one so far), also known as Fat Tails on the Big Mike Trading forum, he made a name for himself (and was even awarded a Gold Medal) there by ruthlessly denigrating his competitors (other trading vendors) through outright lies or malicious insinuations, some of which struck us as slanderous. Not only that, he has also distinguished himself as a peddler of knock-off trading products originally created by American vendors, an obvious and especially damning act of predation.

Yes, Germans should be rightly concerned about their image.

Not only because of how their government has been handling the Greek financial crisis, but also because Harald Steinhaus’ blatant predatory practices and many attempts at humiliating and hurting his competitors are totally unheard of even in the world as sleazy and borderline criminal as the world of trading vendors.

Germans who hang out on the Big Mike Trading forum should be particularly concerned about their image. Not just because they are once again more than willing to support yet another deranged sociopath, loser, and obvious fraud, but also because they have failed miserably to offer any counterbalance, let alone an effective one, to Harald Steinhaus’ perfidious pathology; in fact, some of them were even eager to support him in his underhanded attempts to harm his American competitors.

In other words, despite hundreds if not thousands of Germans that patronize that highly questionable “trading” site, none of them turned out to be a righteous one. Surely, opposing Big Mike’s or Harald Steinhaus’ criminally negligent behavior would not mean being sent to a concentration camp this time around. Heck, even one Jew did it (David Cohen, Ph.D. – here is his tweet attesting to that) and he lived to tell his story and to proudly wear his halo of righteousness.

If we missed such a German, we apologize for that, and we ask him or her to contact us and tell their story here. We have recently started this little “tell your story” initiative per request of one of the vendors out there, but it’s open to anyone and not just trading vendors.

Judging from yet another link tweeted by Mr. Puszkarz the same day, the Greece debacle and Germany’s tough stance are likely to keep many European countries away from the Eurozone for much longer then it would have been otherwise. And that means losses for Germans too. Being an asshole usually doesn’t pay off. And it shouldn’t.

And then there’s even more news coming from Dr. Puszkarz’s Twitter feed.

It turns out that now even the IMF believes that the only way to solve the Greek crisis is by forgiving a portion of their debt. The IMF is no bastion of socialism, to say the least, and is largely controlled by American interests. Saying that this opinion again casts Germans as total assholes hell-bent on punishing the poor Greeks instead of helping them to solve their financial problems is an understatement of sorts.

Then there is a good old Ben Bernanke, the last Fed chairman, who says that “Germany is feasting on the rest of Europe,” which is a politically correct way of saying that Germans are predators again. How did Mr. BB arrive at this conclusion? Oh, that’s easy. If you want to see who committed a crime, you focus on those who benefited the most. That would be Germans. The German European leadership is a failure. Germans are the leaders that took care of themselves and left the weaker in peril of becoming economic pariahs. Hardly what you expect from the true leaders.

Finally, we recommend a piece by Capitalist Imperialist Pig (in yet another tweet by Waldemar Puszkarz) who offers his personal experience of being spat on by a German lady on his visit to Germany because (gasp) he turned out to be an American.

We are definitely stretching the very concept of the lady here to allow for German ladies. If this can be any consolation to the Pig, Harald Steinhaus have spat on many, and on their businesses too, figuratively speaking, so perhaps Germans should really not be judged by the American standards.

Now, that was meant in jest for American standards are already pitifully low. Let us not forget that we elected George W. Bush president twice. How much lower can you go? Yes, that’s the guy who was convinced that “childrens” could learn. He also declared “mission accomplished” in an act of most premature of all premature ejaculations ever!

The Pig also relates a story about how differently Italians and the French treated the Greeks during the recent deal talks compared to Germans. Here is the relevant piece.

“Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble was reported to have started yelling during Saturday night’s negotiations. France and Italy have both made huge loans to Greece, but neither country has expressed hostility to Greece. Why is Germany so angry?”

Why are Germans so angry? Because they are douchebags? Just a wild guess.

And the fact that there are so many of them on the Big Mike Trading forum makes it quite hard to conceal that it is a forum for, well, obviously, douchebags. Largely stupid too, including many Germans, who tend to think they dwarf others intellectually. No, they don’t, though stupid Americans (and many others) can buy anything.

To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” The Big Mike Trading forum is the best testimony to that. It may even beat electing G.W. Bush for president in that regard.

Harald Steinhaus, the guy who acts like he is the smartest of them all there (or anyone else for that matter), could not even come up with good original trading products of his own but resorted to copying someone else’s work instead! So much for the German intellectual superiority!

If you check out the comments section of the Capitalist Imperialist Pig’s post, you will see that most of the commenters there disagree with him, even quite vehemently. That’s perfectly fine.

That’s also how different (or normal) his blog is compared, again, to the Big Mike Trading forum where disagreeing with Big Mike or with any of his anointed vendors will get you banned in no time; remember, Big Mike banned Roger Felton, as we mentioned it here before, because the latter privately criticized Big Bozo in an email to a third party!

Heck, even disclosing casually there that you are Jewish is enough to cause a ban, making it really a very safe place for Germans (and other douchebags) to spit freely on the Untermenschen without the slightest fear of being confronted. A true douchebag paradise, indeed!

You may think that we really don’t like Germans. But, as Americans, why should we? Do Germans like us?

Hardly so. Consult the latest Pew survey (which we might have been pointed to by Dr. Puszkarz too, but we cannot find that tweet now) and you will see the picture as in the image below (click on it to enlarge it). That is, out of the major EU countries (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK), Germans like Americans the least. And the French like us even more than the Brits!


And yet, it is perhaps the Germans that owe us the most out of all these countries. In particular, that we have not let them start another major war since WWII, which, in turn, gave them an opportunity to improve their image so much. The very same image that they are now apparently trying very hard to tarnish again.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.