Harald Steinhaus – a seriously twisted German sociopath

We already mentioned Harald Steinhaus on this blog a few times (see here and here and even here for more elaborate articles). He is the poster boy for the Big Mike Trading forum’s pathology. He has acquired on that forum an “iconic” status, to use the words of one of his admirers (or, simply, one of the many dipshits that frequent that forum). His handle there is Fat Tails.

He is iconic indeed. Or rather his pathology is. It is iconically German. He sounds like the second coming of the (in)famous Nazi propaganda minister, one Joseph Goebbles, and he peddles knock-offs of indicators originally developed by his American competitors; we have verified it in the case of NexGen indicators. While the former makes him merely repugnant (in a pathological way, though), the latter makes him a thief, and not only in our view, but also, for instance, in the view of Jony Ive, the Apple’s chief designer (see the image below).

jony_ive_knockoffs_stealingWe have recently come across another blatant display of this guy’s unbridled pathology. This time we caught him attacking a vendor (his competitor) and using the arguments that equally well apply to him or his capo di tutti capi, Big Mike (Michael Boulter), the Bozo-in-Chief of that questionable enterprise that pretends to be a trading forum. When doing so he was still hiding his vendor status, but we took the screenshots that tell the story after he had come out.

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Fat_Tails_BSThe lines “takes freely available indicators” and “sells them to unsuspecting victims” apply perfectly to Big Mike and his “business model.”

How come that Harald Steinhaus does not question that? The answer is obvious: he is a hypocrite and a coward. He uses the forum where he feels safe from any challenge to attack that vendor (eminisniper.com), but has no guts to question Big Mike’s equally morally reprehensible business practices.

And then there is this, even more brilliant: “”they have taken an oscillator from Constance Brown and do not give credit to her as the author […].”

Well, Constance Brown has written a few books and so this oscillator, if it was published in one of them, can be used freely by everyone familiar with the book (as many other indicators published this way are), unless the book’s author explicitly prohibits that.

There would be little or even nothing illegal about it as opposed to Harald Steinhaus’ using a legally protected property to enrich himself!

Isn’t this guy totally out of bounds?

But that’s still not all. Here is another one: “those who cannot make money by trading just have to use a different method to collect your money …,” which reminds us of one guy who blew two of his trading accounts and started a trading forum, where he is peddling free indicators to people so utterly stupid that there is yet no description, let alone a cure, for this kind of stupidity. Yep, that would be Big Mike.

But that also describes perfectly Harald Steinhaus. This guy is just another indicator peddler, trying really hard to impress others to be what he most certainly is not: a trader.

He is a blusterous buffoon full of hot air, an empty suit, all hat and no horse. His fans think that he is a hotshot, but in reality he is merely a lukewarm dipshit.

He is all that, but he is also a thug who has smeared many vendors using the protection of the Big Mike Trading forum, and does not mind at all taking advantage of their intellectual property.

And now let us turn to another image, because this pitiful German loser was not finished yet. He still had to incriminate himself even more. He may think that he is Fat Tails, but Fat Head would be a much proper handle for this dolt. Dirty Harry, as he is known on the EliteTrader.com forum, is way better too.

Fat_Tails_BS_2Here is another piece that again shows this guy’s incredible hypocrisy: “Dissimulation and dishonesty are not beneficial to trading.

Now, that’s really rich, coming from the guy whose forum comments on his competitors work are not only thoroughly dishonest, but they are beyond criminally negligent for were offered in totally bad faith, simply to discredit their work and hurt their business.

Not only that, but he made them hiding his vendor status, which amounts to a conspiracy.

Harald Steinhaus has made many such malicious, derogatory comments. In most cases he has not seen even a single screenshot (that is the pretext for his hit job here) that would entitle him to pretend to have any knowledge of what he was talking about at all!

So why can Fat Tails get away with all that?

Well, here is another screenshot that should at least offer some hint. It contains the post by greenroomhoo, whom we kindly advice to change his handle to “perennialgreenhorn,” if he insists on being “environmentally friendly,” though “blitheringidiot” would be even better.

greenroomhooYes, this guy thanks Dirty Harry for his “analysis,” which, to put it most charitably, is as self-serving as such “analyses” get and since it has been proffered by the guy who was hiding competing interests, it simply cannot be trusted. But that still pales in comparison to the homage that Dirty Harry received in the past. Paying homage to a repeat smear artist and a thief? Hardly our idea of good taste, let alone common sense.

With the Big Mike Trading forum pandering to dumb douchebags like this guy, is it really any wonder that thugs like Harald Steinhaus are called “iconic” and thanked for their “contributions?” We don’t think so.

Let us make one thing clear. We are not trying to defend eminisniper.com here. We don’t know much about them, so we have abstained from talking about them, at least at this point. We don’t think they are different than most of other vendors, but to ascertain this, we would have to dig deeper.

Our main point here, to re-iterate, is that Harald Steinhaus’ “critique” can perfectly well apply to Big Mike or Fat Tails too, but you will never be allowed to post one on the Big Mike Trading forum. Harald Steinhaus and his sleazy, criminally negligent “business” practices will never be the subject of a discussion on that forum, which belies Big Mike’s claims that all vendors are treated the same way.

And as long as Harald Steinhaus or any other Big Mike favorite enjoys the forum’s protection, the forum will remain a mafia-type of enterprise, which protects the interest of the mafia members, while generously (ab)using the forum to attack its competitors. This is what the Big Mike Trading forum really is and the Fat Tails’ posts we presented here were also meant to provide one more evidence of it.

P.S. As of late February 2015, Harald Steinhaus is no longer showing the vendor badge on the Big Mike Trading Forum. But neither does Mike Boulter, who has always been hiding his vendor status, so that really means nothing, or, what is even worse, may mean more deception from this German “Superman.”

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or futures.io. But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.