Our agenda

We don’t have any agenda. Save for the one we have disclosed already. Exposing unsavory characters in the trading world. And poking fun at them and their delusional followers.

We thought that it might be a good idea to re-iterate this point now that we are in our fourth year of online activity in large part courtesy of Big Mike and his “fundamentally different” trading forum, though other trading loonies too add some stimulus and spice to our work.

But it is Big Mike that we have been focusing on for the past 3 years and we think that we will continue exposing his shenanigans. Simply because he appears to advance from one scam to another, from one idiocy to another, to the applause of his dimwitted followers. Big Mike’s is a perfect example of a questionable, even highly questionable, online business in the trading world.

It’s hard to imagine someone more pathological, more mendacious, more manipulative and, to boot, a bigger loser as a trader than this guy. Not to mention someone more delusional at the same time.

But that does not mean we forgot about other loonies in the trading world. Not one bit. Their time will come too. They are not that different from Big Mike. Just less reckless, less deranged perhaps, but we have no illusions that some of them are sociopaths just like Big Mike.

Some of them seem to find no problem with Big Mike’s activity, which already is a sign that they are not that different from him. Some, like Harald Steinhaus (Fat Tails) were very instrumental in making his forum a sleaze and slander machine that it is.

Anyone who cares about his reputation would want to distance himself from Big Mike and his dubious enterprise. That includes all vendors because it is to them in the first place that Big Mike is the kiss of death. Those who did not do so are clearly not troubled enough by his pathology. Suffice it to say that we find this very telling. We will examine what these vendors have to offer in our future articles, so, as you can see, the Big Mike Trading forum may be useful at times. Too bad, though, that its usefulness is pretty much limited to identifying most probable trading loonies.

To repeat, we don’t any agenda. More precisely, we don’t have any hidden agenda. Unlike Big Mike and his fellow trading loonies. That’s why they are in trouble and feel threatened by us. That’s why we have only very few followers among vendors. That’s why some vendors unfollowed us on Twitter.

But we intend to continue our work. Heck, we might even start a forum one day. That may cause a few heart attacks, but rest assured that no good people will die as a result of it.

The Big Mike Trading Forum mentioned or discussed here is now futuresio or futures.io. But it is still the same sham as before for the reasons mentioned here and in other posts on this blog. Read more about it in the first article dedicated specifically to Michael Boulter’s latest fraudulent reinvention.


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