R.I.P. tradinglosers.com

We have just learned from Dr. Waldemar Puszkarz’s blog that tradinglosers.com is gone.

It was one of the sites devoted to exposing the BS of the trading marketplace and the first site, to the best of our knowledge, to expose the criminal activity of the Big Mike Trading forum. Indeed, Big Mike is a purveyor of slander and piracy, however glorified either might seem. Both are criminal in their nature, and he even got sued for letting one of his tools slander a futures broker, an incident we covered at length on our blog in the very recent past.

That was what tradinglosers.com exposed on their site in an article that you can check out in one of our past posts dedicated to Big Mike’s big sham. Its screenshot, as also mentioned by Dr. Puszkarz, remains on the web thanks to this article of ours.

The tradinglosers.com authors posted only a few articles on their site and their activity stopped soon afterwards. But they stayed on the web for about 3-4 years in total. Now that they are gone, we are probably thee only site dedicated to the trader advocacy, as Dr. Puszkarz calls such sites in another of his articles, where he also kindly mentions us.

We remain committed to our mission of exposing the dubious business practices of trading vendors, forums, and other parasitic entities that plague the trading marketplace, and we plan to stay the course for a longer haul.