To Big Mike’s Baha’i friends

You were about to get some serious respect from us, dear Baha’i followers. We like all those newfangled religions and cults.

That’s why we are so big (pun intended) into the Big Mike Trading forum, the biggest cult of them all for the deranged and the unabashedly stupid who may or may not have something to do with trading and if so only by way of losing gobs of their hard earned money.

And then shit happened …

Our respect, still merely budding, evaporated in a New York second. That’s because we met one of Big Mike’s Baha’i followers. That is, a guy who follows Big Mike and the Baha’i religion at the same time, which we believe is totally self-contradictory.

It’s like being a Catholic Jew or something. Or an atheist who believes in God. Or a guy who shits in his pants while having no pants on. Totally bizarre, almost Zen.

This fellow is Mr. Ronald J. Cutaia Jr. and he lives in the Chicago area. Here is his Twitter feed so that you don’t think we make stuff up like some Texan guy we have mentioned here before, probably a few times too many already. See also the image below.






Mr. Cutaia was one of the two folks who have publicly rejoiced over Big Mike’s dubious legal victory. He was quite effusive about it too: “Very very very Awesome !!!!! Big Mike we all love u and what u have done!!!!!” (See the image that follows.)


Mr. Ronald J. Cutaia Jr. responding to Big Mike’s dubious legal victory. Click the image to enlarge it.

We are giving Mr. Cutaia the benefit of the doubt by assuming that he is not a total moron and that he did his homework and knew what the lawsuit was about and what had brought it about. But, just in case, we will mention it here once more.

The lawsuit was caused by the fact that one of Big Mike’s willing tools decided to besmirch an e-mini futures broker on the Big Mike Trading forum apparently betting that the broker would not be able to defend itself there, which knowing Big Mike’s dedication to fairness and free speech (true only on paper and used mainly for propaganda purposes) was a very well calculated bet indeed and proved to be right on the money.

In other words, the tool in question, one Mr. Stone, was badmouthing the broker in the latter’s total physical absence there and due to the broker inability to defend itself, was able to do some serious damage to its reputation.

That was precisely the fellow’s objective. A vendetta of sorts, which, whether justified or not, certainly does not belong on the site which deals with trading matters, first and foremost, and which claims to do its best to “keep things positive.” Had Mr. Stone taken it to Ripoff Report, the site we mentioned here before in connection with the same matter and in connection with Big Mike, that would have been perfectly fine.

Now, let’s have a look at the religious laws that Mr. Cutaia is supposed to follow, the Baha’i laws (after Wikipedia:

Here is one that strikes us as particularly telling and applicable to the latest Big Mike legal problem (quoting after Wikipedia, see also the image below): “Backbiting, speaking of the faults of others in their absence, is described as the greatest sin and the most hated human characteristic.”


Apparently, and not surprisingly to us at all, Mr. Cutaia is yet another of those poor delusional souls, who would rather believe in Big Mike’s “holy messages” (brainwashing, for those in the know) than in their religion’s teachings.

Which means that Big Mike’s forum is doing one heck of a job as a cult.

Some other prohibitions of this religion include calumny (once again, Mr. Cutaia, what the heck were you thinking?) and gambling. Trading is, of course, a form of gambling, but Mr. Cutaia will probably never learn this from the Big Mike Trading forum. After all, it’s not like this is a forum where you go to get educated.

You go there if you want to besmirch a broker, a trading vendor, your brother in law, or to complain that you have a dog who thinks you are stupid. In this case, we obviously side with the dog.