Mr. Felton’s story

Some time ago we talked about Roger Felton here.

Specifically, we mentioned that he was banned from the Big Mike Trading forum having been accused of some wrongdoing by the Bozo in Chief, the wrongdoing the bozo did not elaborate on. Mr. Felton was not allowed to present his opinion on this issue there for the reasons that should be obvious to anyone who knows how freedom of speech is understood by this manipulative, mendacious, giant Texan loser.

We have recently come across on the Ripoff Report site what appears to be Mr. Felton’s side of this story, the story of his clash with Big Mike and his subsequent barring from the Big Mike Trading forum.

We reproduce this story below in the form of images. We use two images for this purpose and there is some small overlap between them so that you can see that nothing in the whole story is missing.


Roger Fellton’s side of the story (1) – click on the image above to enlarge it.

Roger Felton's story (2) - click on the image above to enlarge it.

Roger Felton’s story (2) – click on the image above to enlarge it.

Mr. Felton story pictures Big Mike as a petty, vindictive man, and that’s the picture that confirms our opinion about him as you can find out from a number of our articles here; see for instance this one. He is an exploiter. The moment he thinks he cannot use you any more, he can dispose of you in a heartbeat and may also unleash his always willing executioners, those pathetic humanoid tools with an IQ south of 80 that invariably gravitate to that most “fundamentally different” of all trading forums, to discredit your business.

His story also portrays Big Mike as an incompetent trader with only a basic grasp of what trading is about, if at all. This opinion hardly surprises us. It’s enough to check out Big Mike’s YouTube videos to see that this opinion is right on the money. They sound as if they were high school projects done by someone with only a cursory knowledge of the subjects he chose to ponder on. Anyone with a few years of trading experience would dismiss them as sophomoric, to put it rather charitably.

Needless to say, we also totally agree with Mr. Felton that it is indeed a blessing not to be part of this smelly hole pretending to be a trading forum.

Nevertheless, we have no choice but be as critical of Mr. Felton as we are of other vendors that parade on that forum fishing for suckers because that’s the crowd Big Mike panders to. Mr. Felton even gave a few webinars there and judging by what he writes on the Ripoff Report site did not like the fact that Big Mike forbade him from giving even more of them.

In other words, Mr. Felton was keen on exploiting Big Mike’s forum as much as he could knowing full well its questionable nature. Knowing its attacks and smear jobs against other vendors, the blatant conflict of interest due to the fact that Big Mike is (and was back then) a vendor himself, the fact he has yet to publicly disclose. Mr. Felton was part of this sham as long as Big Mike allowed him to be and came out against Big Mike only when the latter banned him from the forum.

We are not impressed.

Or, to put it a bit differently, we have much more respect for these vendors that chose not to do business with Big Mike and never used that “fundamentally different” forum for promoting their own businesses. While Mr. Felton may not be the worst vendor who has ever supported that forum (that dubious honor must go to the genuine German sociopath Harald Steinhaus), he was part of the group of vendors that benefited from that forum and helped to raise the monster known as Big Mike.

It takes a village to raise a sociopath. Mr. Felton was part of this village and quite a few vendors still are. Some of them may face the fate similar to Mr. Felton’s (and we will have absolutely no sympathy for them either), others will continue kissing Big Mike’s butt for the rest of their lives or the rest of the sociopath’s online career.

There is still one more thing that we have a slight problem with in that story. It is Mr. Felton’s insinuations to be a “professional trader.” Well, there is as much evidence that Mr. Felton can make a living trading as there is that Big Mike can. Both are just marketers, both have dubious business practices, and that explains why their paths crossed at some point.

The birds of feather tend to fly together.