Even the dumb are finally getting it – that Big Mike is a creepy loser

Apparently so.

Less than half of 1% of Big Mike Trading forum members contributed to the Big Mike legal defense fund. See the screenshot below that attests to this fact.


Even the stupid are finally getting it! Click on the image to enlarge it.

But not the dumbest ones. Those are hopeless, though it is obvious now that there is less than one percent of those still left there. That probably means we should expect some more purges to restore this ratio to a more respectable level. Anyone with at least half a brain will have to go.

We are talking about the latest Big Mike scam project run under the facade of “freedom fighting” with “freedom of speech” as a subtitle, starring one fat Texan loser named Mike Boulter.

A pet project that was obviously a moronic vendetta against a certain broker that Big Mike had had a problem or two with before. When a useful tool (it’s a forum mainly for useful tools and very obtuse too) started a vitriolic attack against this broker, Big Mike let the tool do the damage while forbidding the broker to respond, showing in public one heck of a grasp of what freedom of speech is about (see our previous post about this matter).

Somehow, when it’s convenient for him, Big Mike forgets that his forum is to “work extremely hard to keep things positive” or some other drivel that is supposed to pacify anyone who does not toe the party line of this giant Texan loser. When it’s convenient, even vitriol or slander can be declared positive there.

But that’s not the only sign of how poorly received was that last Big Mike move at “policing” the trading marketplace. Here is another one. Big Mike announced his legal victory on Twitter, where he has circa 1,200 followers. Guess how many have responded to rejoice over this glorious victory of the finest Texan man named Mike.

Only 2! Yes, literally two! And that’s less than even a quarter of a percent of his Twitter followers at this point (late August 2014).


Bragging on Twitter to a totally dismal response even a month later! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Big Mike is finally being perceived even by his dimwitted followers as a malicious, creepy douchebag with delusions of grandeur that he has always been and probably always will be because people like that would rather blow several trading accounts than ever change.

Looks like our work at exposing this pathetic loser is paying off.