Still a cowardly loser, now gloating

The AMP futures brokerage lost its legal case against the Big Mike Trading forum. We still believe it was a morally legitimate case.

The key moral point is well articulated by bone, one of the long-time members of, our favorite trading forum.

We quote it right below, but so you don’t think we believe in using only convenient snippets like that Texan loser (an issue raised by the same poster in the very same thread, even on the same page of it), we present his whole post as a screenshot (see below).

There are some very unique circumstances to this case – namely, it wasn’t truly a legitimate Free Speech circumstance in that the target of the vitriol was not allowed to respond because they were banned. Any clear thinking person following that thread could see that the AMP contractor had an axe to grind and he gamed the BMT website in a perfect way. He knew his target was helpless to respond, and he knew that BMT and AMP were not going to do any favors for each other.


Bone of on how free speech lost – click above to enlarge the image.

And that’s really the key. The freedom of speech is a casualty here, though, sadly, not the very first time on the forum ran by this giant Texan loser. He and his forum has a very long tradition of abusing free speech. Whenever he finds free speech inconvenient, free speech has to go. Often with the person who thought it silly to believe it would be respected. It’s only for the privileged there.

Notice how Big Mike is gloating on his forum about his legal win, making references to an thread where some of his harshest critics congregated (see the screenshot below).


Big Mike cowardly gloating about his win – click above to enlarge the image.

He may be gloating, but he is still a cowardly moral loser. He has yet to respond like a man (the point brought up by another forum member, Pekelo; see below) to his critics. Don’t count on that happening too soon. Or ever. His stupid tools will always do the bidding for him.


Pekelo of – click above to enlarge the image.

Big Mike’s justification for not letting AMP defend their reputation against the vitriolic attack? See the screenshot below, so you can get it right from the horse’s mouth.

Big Mike's lame justification for banning AMP - click to enlarge.

Big Mike’s lame justification for banning AMP – click above to enlarge the image.

That’s right! Simply, because they were banned! Translated, this means, if you are banned there, then, according to Big Mike, you have no right to free speech any more! Even to defend yourself.

Gee, big Texan civic thinking, indeed. That’s how fascist Texan loonies trample your civil rights these days. Remember that guy, Georgie W. Bush? Another Texan. Know mostly for the infamous Patriot Act. Not to mention those trillions of dollars wasted on the wars. Your dollars. Big Mike wants your dollars too. To pay for the lawsuit he caused “defending” free speech.

Wake up, America before this show comes to a theater near you. Because when it does, it won’t be nearly as funny as reading about it on some site. Even ours. And we try to be extra funny. Which really is not that hard when your adversary is often a humorless Texan loser and a pathological liar. A double loser, in fact, and we have lost the count of his lies a long time ago.

But there is another issue here, which the AMP lawyers or the judge who handled this case might have overlooked. Namely, under the services section of his site’s Disclaimer, Big Mike says (see the screenshot below) that “this is a community website that offers an online platform for the users to rate and comment upon the performance of the companies and organizations who are listed as members.”

A relevant part of BMT forum's disclaimer - click to enlarge.

A relevant part of BMT forum’s disclaimer – click above to enlarge the image.

Obviously, when you ban any of these companies, then they no longer are the members and commenting on them should no longer be allowed either. The whole point of being the member in this case is that you can respond to such comments in the same way any other forum member can. That’s only fair.

But Big Mike wants it both ways. He wants to ban anyone he does not like and yet treat them as if they still were the members for the purpose of bashing their business or persona, at times in a libelous manner, while they have no way to defend themselves. His idea of the free speech is simply free speech for him and his devoted troops. Anyone who is not on good terms with him, has no right to it! That’s how dictators think about it too.

This is not an isolated case. We have noted this in our previous articles too.

And this cannot be an isolated case because it reflects the true nature of this guy, that of a malicious, vindictive, loser with delusions of grandeur. As you would expect, that’s also the type of people he attracts. The whole lawsuit was about malice. The malice of the loser named Stone and the loser named Boulter.

Malice has won. Malice always wins on the Big Mike Trading forum. Why do you think Germans love it so much?

Written on July 27th, 2014. Updates may follow here or in another post.