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There is this site called Ripoff Report. It is a site where questionable online and not only online business practices are reported. Along with the companies that engage in these practices. In other words, these are primarily public complaints on various businesses with more or less crappy business manners. At least, that’s the idea behind the site that has been around since 1998 and hence it has built some credibility.


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It’s not obvious, though, how much credibility individual complaints should be given, but it seems very reasonable to assume that the companies mentioned in the reports are doing something wrong, not to mention that those reports amount to a really bad PR for them. No company that cares about its reputation should remain indifferent to negative reports posted on what seems to be a very popular site run by the people who brand themselves as consumer advocates. At the very least, the businesses named in the complaints should publicly respond to them. There is indeed a form provided on the site to file a rebuttal.

We checked if the Big Mike Trading forum is mentioned on that site. Sure enough, there are 2 complaints. Not a shocker at all considering how sleazy that forum is. It’s actually not a forum but a vendor business operating under a facade of a trading forum, which makes it more questionable than most vendor businesses that operate quite openly as such.


The complaints on this so-called business run by a recidivist Texan loser come from two companies, two trading vendors: Puretick and Oil Trading Company. Let us say right away that we do not endorse any vendors here and we would not be inclined to do business with about 99% of them, so the fact that we mention these two vendors here should not be seen as anything but just factual reporting on the matter at hand.

But that is not to say that these two vendors are not right. They are absolutely right, especially from an ethical point of view. Their complaints are totally legitimate and they portray the nature of the Big Mike Trading forum very well indeed.

What has been Big Mike’s response? Well, none, so far, even months after the reports filing dates.

More precisely, instead of the proper rebuttal, Big Mike chose to use his trusted tools (his members), as he often does to manipulate the Elitetrader forum, for instance. Some of these willing, pathetic tools could easily be his paid shills. We suspect that some posters on the site do work for him. Or perhaps they found in Big Mike that father figure they had been missing all their lives, which, needless to say, is infinitely creepier than just being a paid shill.

Big Mike’s failure to respond properly to these complaints does not surprise us at all. It’s very typical of sociopaths to use others to do their bidding. That’s one more example of that.

Still, while we have been very suspicious of Big Mike and his business for over 3 years now, even we could not anticipate to come across this little gem that alleges that Big Mike is an extortionist (see the next image). Yes, that’s right! Now, that’s really big. No, we take it back. It’s huge! It also shows how careless, thoughtless, and reckless a sociopath can be.


Let us add a standard disclaimer that we really don’t know if this allegation is true. However, considering its gravity and the fact that Big Mike has not rebutted it, it stands to reason that it really is true. In any case, we are simply reporting what is said on a reputable site and what has yet to be denied by the party accused of this act of extortion. Moreover, let us not forget that Big Mike got recently sued, which shows how far he can go in flouting  the law and even flaunting this fact through his site as if no publicity was really a bad one.  And if it were not enough, he can even use it as an opportunity for another questionable action, a blatant scam of funding his legal coffers under false pretenses.

Let us mention one more post about the Big Mike Trading forum from the Ripoff Report site written by someone pretty familiar with that forum and as critical of it as we are. We must admit that we were not aware of Big Mike’s call to his faithful followers to manipulate the Internet in Big Mike’s favor, but what this author states (see the first of the next 3 images below) is, sadly, eerily typical of Big Mike and his sociopathic personality that we elaborated on in our last article. It also perfectly confirms our opinion about this twisted, sleazy Texan loser. Still, unless you are a sociopath, you are very likely to find it disturbing.




The other two parts of this eloquent and elaborate article by ES Trader are no less telling. We applaud him for his integrity. It is indeed a sad reflection on the modern world that so few people are willing to stand up against Big Mike, but those who do, truly stand out!


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