Big Mike or let’s talk about sociopaths

That Big Mike, the owner of the Big Mike Trading forum, is a sociopath should be obvious to everyone with half a brain who has read our previous posts dedicated to this loser and his dubious enterprise of sleaze, smear, and glorified piracy (or knock-off peddling) that can pass for a business only in the state of Texas known largely for its fabulous long-farting cows and the rednecks who find these farts as alluring as if they were siren calls.

But let us strengthen our case and talk a little more about traits typical of sociopaths so that you can see our point more clearly still.

One of them, perhaps most telling, and certainly the easiest to spot, is the sense of self-importance or even the delusions of grandeur that sociopaths exhibit. How hard are they to spot in Big Mike and his business? Not hard at all. His forum is “fundamentally different” and “the best trading community on the planet” (no kidding at all!).



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That’s way more bombastic than you can see on many sites out there, and obviously, there is nothing about this forum that would back up this grandeur claims. They ring utterly hollow.

A forum run by a repeat loser that panders to the least intelligent (smart people are either banned there in no time or leave convinced there is no point in being part of it) can hardly impress. A forum that denigrates vendors or promotes stealing from them is fundamentally different from other forums in only one way: by being more legally questionable than most, which explains also why it is the only trading forum we know of that got sued, the fact we mentioned on this site on another occasion. That’s hardly something to impress either, unless you are a criminal.

Another thing that characterizes the sociopath is his manipulative nature. Big Mike offers a real case study in this respect. For starters, this guy is a pathological lair. He lies even in his forum’s Terms of Service (TOS), which is supposed to be a legally binding document. Or, at least, he wants you to abide by it.

A good example of it is where he claims that all vendors are treated on his forum the same way, implying basic fairness. That is a blatant balderdash, if there ever was one. If that were the case, his and our favorite German douchebag, Harald Steinhaus (Fat Tails) would have been banned from that forum on multiple counts and a long time ago too. Hence, Big Mike is either lying about that or he is lying about following the forums rules.

Either way he is lying, and in fact he is lying in both ways: the vendors are treated there as it suits him and he violates the forum rules as it suits him too. The rules are there to abuse and to manipulate the forum to his likes. If you don’t like it, if you question any of his abuses or his dubious wisdom in general, you get banned. Banning people, which is very common there, and, what happens often too, expunging their posts is how the manipulation really happens. What remains is what suits his agenda and not the result of the free expression his forum claims to defend.

Not only does he claim to be a defender of free speech, but he uses this claim to justify soliciting money for his legal defense fund. That’s a scam, as we pointed out recently for he is asking for money under false pretenses. That’s an act of manipulation too. The free speech on his forum is a myth, to put it charitably. It is rather natural for sociopaths to engage in scams. They gravitate towards them, may even feel attracted to them, just like the moths feel attracted to the light. For two reasons, at the very least. One is their manipulative nature and the other is their love for a risky, dangerous behavior, another trait quite common among sociopaths. Let us remind you that Big Mike blew not one, but two of his trading accounts, which is a pretty good indication that this guy’s behavior is seriously on a risky side.

Yet another trait that distinguishes sociopaths from ordinary mortals is their penchant for taking credit for the work done by others. Big Mike stands out in this respect too. He is the only vendor who charges $100 for the work that is not his, and that, in most cases, can be obtained free, such as the free indicators created by other vendors. To most people this would be reprehensible, but not to the parasites like Big Mike, and, apparently, not to many of his dimwitted, unscrupulous followers who may even think that they are getting a good deal by participating in Big Mike’s knock-off peddling. And that’s yet another way he takes advantage of the work of other people, except that it’s much more questionable, also from a legal point of view.

Last, but not the least, sociopaths tend to be paranoid. We imagine we too would be if we had so much to hide (all the manipulation, for instance). Big Mike’s paranoia manifests itself in two principal ways: accusing others of doing things they deny while providing no support for his claims and expunging the posts that contain an inconvenient truth usually after previously banning their authors.

Let us sum up these traits of sociopaths for your take away message. Here they are:

1. self-importance and delusions of grandeur,
2. mendacity and manipulativeness,
3. reckless behavior,
4. taking advantage of others,
5. paranoia.

We plan to return to this issue, maybe even more than once, as there is plenty to talk about yet. Big Mike seems to be a clinical case of a sociopath definitely worth further exploration.


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