New articles coming soon!

We are now working on a few new posts to be published here over this summer, maybe even sooner. We usually work on a few at a time if they happen to be related and this is often  the case.

Expect at least 3 more new articles by the end of the summer, and perhaps some more later this year.

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Moreover, unlike Big Mikes of this world, we have no plans of the world domination nor do we peddle anything here. No “elite” section will ever be offered here and you will never have to pay us for free indicators because we don’t plan to sell anything. Ever!

We also don’t “plan” on having too many Twitter followers. Yes, you can actually “plan” this and you can have as many of them as you, well, “planned.” To put it in a less sophisticated manner, you just buy them. It’s old-fashioned manipulation, if you use this to enhance your guru image or for similar purposes, and it’s a topic this blog covers often.

We may talk about how trading vendors, and marketers in general, manipulate search engines and social media, which in turn influences search engines, in one of our future articles.

Meanwhile, you may as well check out this article:

Thanks and come back!