Big Mike gets sued and uses this as an opportunity for another scam!

Big Mike, the perennial Texan loser (as big as the state of Texas) and leader of the biggest congregation of the brainless on the face of Mother Earth, the Big Mike Trading forum, got sued!

Yes, like finally, because we saw this coming for a long time. Check out our previous posts and you will see the pattern of belligerence and arrogance, manipulation and lies that made this forum so “fundamentally different” that it become indistingushable from a syndicate run by a clique of sleazy operators with Big Mike and Dirty Harry (Harald Steinhaus) playing the starring roles in the never-ending festival of smear, deception, and outright Texan bullcrap. Do you know they have really big cows in Texas?

But Big Mike would not be Big Mike if he did not try to use this as an opportunity for yet another scam. How so? Well, check out the image below. He is asking for donations as a defender of free speech. In fact, he even insinuates that he is a fighter for the rights of those who want to express themselves freely.


Yes, it’s a scam because he wants your money under false pretenses!

This guy is anything but a defender of free speech. He violates it whenever he feels threatened by it, even in the slightest manner. He bans people if they dare to speak against his bullshit, no matter how obvious it is to everyone but the totally brain dead. See this post of ours for only one evidence of it. You will find more along these very same lines in some other posts on this blog.

The party suing this big-assed douchebag is a brokerage, AMP Futures. We applaud you, folks! Way to go!

And while you are at it, may we humbly suggest that you use this opportunity to sue this loser for the scam we just alluded to. That would be killing two birds with one stone.