We are so back!

We are baaack! In 2014, which is supposed to be the greatest year yet. Why live if you don’t believe it.

Happy New Year to all our readers! Yes, it’s still very much a pretty new year. And we wished you a happy 2014 in our Twitter feed in early January, so we are really not totally late. Not in all our channels, at least.

We are not done yet with our mission and reading through our favorite forum by our favorite Texan loser, we will have many things to talk about this year too. In fact, we have a huge backlog of things to discuss from 2013. And not enough time to address them all.

This guy’s delusions of grandeur are getting worse every week. We kid you not.

We are starting this year with three new posts, one rather brief. Soon to come. And more to come later.

Anyway, once again all the best in 2014!