Big Mike gets sued and uses this as an opportunity for another scam!

Big Mike, the perennial Texan loser (as big as the state of Texas) and leader of the biggest congregation of the brainless on the face of Mother Earth, the Big Mike Trading forum, got sued!

Yes, like finally, because we saw this coming for a long time. Check out our previous posts and you will see the pattern of belligerence and arrogance, manipulation and lies that made this forum so “fundamentally different” that it become indistingushable from a syndicate run by a clique of sleazy operators with Big Mike and Dirty Harry (Harald Steinhaus) playing the starring roles in the never-ending festival of smear, deception, and outright Texan bullcrap. Do you know they have really big cows in Texas?

But Big Mike would not be Big Mike if he did not try to use this as an opportunity for yet another scam. How so? Well, check out the image below. He is asking for donations as a defender of free speech. In fact, he even insinuates that he is a fighter for the rights of those who want to express themselves freely.


Yes, it’s a scam because he wants your money under false pretenses!

This guy is anything but a defender of free speech. He violates it whenever he feels threatened by it, even in the slightest manner. He bans people if they dare to speak against his bullshit, no matter how obvious it is to everyone but the totally brain dead. See this post of ours for only one evidence of it. You will find more along these very same lines in some other posts on this blog.

The party suing this big-assed douchebag is a brokerage, AMP Futures. We applaud you, folks! Way to go!

And while you are at it, may we humbly suggest that you use this opportunity to sue this loser for the scam we just alluded to. That would be killing two birds with one stone.


Jeff Castille and the clique and groupthink mentality of the Big Mike Trading forum

Jeff Castille is a member of the Big Mike Trading forum. This may be his real name. According to our sources he was a moderator there. He was also a vendor of a questionable knock-off peddling variety according to (see the first image below), a variety not so uncommon among “vendors” that call the Big Mike Trading forum their home.


The Big Mike Trading forum patronage over the glorified piracy that people like Harald Steinhaus (aka Fat Tails) and Jeff Castille have come to embody is no secret as you can see from the next image that captures the not so hidden satisfaction of one of the Bigmikers expressed on the forum, where he and his ilk may sometimes be spotted shilling for this most questionable of trading forums. This sorry loser sounds almost joyful that legitimate vendors suffer because of the knock-off peddlers operating out of the BMT forum. He finds absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that the Big Mike Trading forum facilitates the abuse of intellectual property rights. And, obviously, neither does Big Mike who is aware of that and fully responsible for it. He may even benefit from it, though the qualifier “may” is rather redundant here. His more than a tacit permission for this kind of activity is taken for granted by the knock-off peddlers there.


But it is yet another image (the last in this series of images) that we actually want to focus our attention on. As you can see, it is the image of one of the posts of Jeff Castille’s on that forum for recidivist dipshits and losers. He posted it in defense of yet another vendor that used to hang out there, Mr. Roger Felton. Mr. Felton had been quite a regular there until he got banned from the forum by Big Bozo who found some of Mr. Felton’s practices objectionable. We talk about it in greater detail in one of our previous posts. They were most likely, we are guessing, threatening to Big Mike’s own business or persona.


As you can see from the screenshot of that post, Mr. Castille says that “probably the best
thing about Roger is that he is a BMT forum member……one of us.”

Jeff Castille is either an incredibly infantile person if he truly believes that or he assumes that those reading these words are total dopes. We think it’s the latter. You really have to be dumb to believe that being a member of that forum (or any forum, for that matter!) makes you more trustworthy because that’s how Jeff Castille wants you to think about it. His post is meant to build credibility for Mr. Felton’s vendor business.

Every thief, liar, smear artist can join that forum and many of them did, for they feel very much at home there, and yet Mr. Castille wants you to believe that the BMT forum is somehow special. That’s utter and complete bullshit!

What’s even more remarkable is that no one even tried to question it! No one! That would have been challenged on any other trading forum out there for its sheer lunacy yet on the BMT forum this is taken for granted. That’s how groupthink works, folks. And that’s how you instill groupthink in people. By insinuating that they are part of some greater, grander entity that makes them special. Yes, he is one of us and he is as special as we are.

It goes without saying the Mr. Castille and his kind (vendors, knock-off peddlers, smear artists) have to gain most from that. They are the ones with an agenda and by instilling this type of thinking they ensure that their agenda is protected. And if you object to it, you don’t think like one of us!

Jeff Castille’s support for a fellow vendor also shows how cliques operate. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. That’s another element in his post that we would like to bring up here. The BMT forum is full of vendors and they do make sure to support each other. In fact, there are two kinds of vendors in the trading marketplace now. Those “special” who fully endorse Big Mike and his institution of blatant cronyism that often grants them special privileges (Harald Steinhaus who gets to peddle knock-offs there and sling mud at his competitors is a particularly good example of that) and all the others that can be denigrated by the clique (Harald Steinhaus has done this many times) and then banned from the forum if they decide to respond to that.

The Big Mike Trading forum is a syndicate type of enterprise (sometimes less politely referred to as “mafia”) run by a clique of vendors. The forum provides protection for their agendas and allows them to attack their competitors who refuse to accept this kind of protection. Accepting the protection means paying for it, at least with your integrity, but that sometimes is the most you can pay for anything.

We are so back!

We are baaack! In 2014, which is supposed to be the greatest year yet. Why live if you don’t believe it.

Happy New Year to all our readers! Yes, it’s still very much a pretty new year. And we wished you a happy 2014 in our Twitter feed in early January, so we are really not totally late. Not in all our channels, at least.

We are not done yet with our mission and reading through our favorite forum by our favorite Texan loser, we will have many things to talk about this year too. In fact, we have a huge backlog of things to discuss from 2013. And not enough time to address them all.

This guy’s delusions of grandeur are getting worse every week. We kid you not.

We are starting this year with three new posts, one rather brief. Soon to come. And more to come later.

Anyway, once again all the best in 2014!

Dr. Waldemar Puszkarz of mentions us

We meant to reciprocate this weeks ago, so we ask for forgiveness anyone who may be concerned, even remotely, and we may return to talk about Dr. Puszkarz and his site at some greater length, also in a broader context, but for the time being, we just would like to thank him in this brief note for mentioning us on his popular site, certainly well-known to many e-mini futures day traders.

His article about trading advocacy sites that mentions us prominently, if we may say so, is here.

We follow Mr. Puszkarz on Twitter. He is the best e-mini futures scalper on Twitter we have come across so far. He follows us back in his personal account.

Many thanks once again.