Big Mike – an accuser

There are many sides to Big Mike. One is a liar. We mentioned this already on a few occasions here and we invite you to check out our past articles for that.

He is a congenital liar and he does not care how big his lies are and where he spouts them, not even in those parts of his forum that are meant to be legally binding, such as the Terms of Service. Well, he apparently thinks that no one reads it, but we do, and we know how badly he lies there.

And there is another side to his persona, closely linked to that of the liar, the accuser. Accusations are basically lies until (and if at all) they are proven to be true.

His proclivity for accusing people of doing something suspicious or inappropriate is paranoidal as you would probably expect from a guy who hides behind a silly Internet handle more befitting of a porn star than a business owner.

Here we present two examples of such accusations that we found on that forum for serious traders that we like to refer to time and again, In this very thread that keeps on growing and attracting more and more negative voices from the members or visitors of the Big Mike Trading forum.

Other examples can easily be found on that forum for dipshits and losers as we are wont to call it.

These two pieces come from people who got banned there. One was accused of hiding his vendor status (see the first image below), the other of posting BS (the second image), which was the official reason, though he suspects that the true reason was bigotry (or antisemitism, as he happens to be Jewish). We noticed bigotry there, too.



We would like to bring to your attention one thing that goodvintage (the second poster) mentions. Let us quote him.

He let his German lapdog (Harald Steinhaus aka Fat Tails) operate as a vendor for two years allowing him to act underhandedly (without disclosing his vendor agenda to the public) and to denigrate his competitors right and left and yet he is accusing you of being a vendor while you are not!

Wow, that’s really rich!”

These are some nice double standards, aren’t they? But only typical for the forum controlled by a clique of vendors, which Dirty Harry (Harald Steinhaus) is a member of.


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