Vendors who stood up to Big Mike

We apologize for this bombastic title. It’s very bombastic, indeed. We used the word “vendors” in it, which is really quite an exaggeration because, to the best of our knowledge, there is only one vendor who stood up to Big Mike. And if we missed anyone, please do let us know about it via Twitter and we will correct our omission promptly.

But we hope that this title will eventually catch up with reality, though we cannot predict when. Actually, we do not just hope. We are, in fact, quite convinced that more and more vendors will be rising against the Big Mike bullshit, lies, and slander.

But not too many, we suspect, because most of these fellows are not that much different or better than Big Mike.

That means, among other things, that most of them are cowards. They are cowards because their businesses belong, by and large, in the sham or scam category, so the best they can do is to keep quiet or hide behind silly Internet handles.

That includes also Big Bozo himself, a vendor who has yet to acknowledge his vendor status. He apparently thinks that hiding this fact does not make him a vendor. In reality, it makes him an underhanded one. That too includes Harald Steinhaus (aka Fat Tails) who was doing the same for years while blatantly denigrating his competitors.

Big Bozo too has yet to respond to the sound, legitimate criticism of his dubious business on the forum, where he has been chastised for his questionable practices by quite a few in more than one thread there. Or on our blog, for that matter. He can easily reach us via Twitter. We are not hiding from him nor do we have anything to sell. Unlike him and his legion of sleazy, underhanded, thieving operators, Harald Steinhaus being arguably the most prominent member of the pack.

Why do you think he is hiding behind the cartoonish Big Mike persona? Once, because he is a coward, and, two, because he apparently has something to hide. No owner of a reputable enterprise hides his or her name. Why would they? If anything, the opposite is true. Your name can be a powerful brand. Or can undo you totally if your past is something you would rather escape from.

If you have no moral ground to stand on, you cannot do much but merely hide or keep quiet if they question you or your business on the Internet, though sometimes it’s really better to ignore the Internet BS, especially on that forum for dipshits and losers. But while that may also seem like a good option, it is hardly so if you realize that being passive can only encourage Big Bozo and his troops to attack you even more. That’s why we believe that even those who chose to remain quiet at first, will eventually come out against him. The odds for that are pretty good.

However, until we see more vendors rising against Big Mike, we would like to acknowledge the first of them to do so. We would like to acknowledge the valiant effort of Jam of We are not affiliated with this vendor in any manner and this post is not meant to endorse his business.

Naturally, he was banned from the Big Mike Trading forum in no time while trying to defend his business reputation there, something we believe he had a right to. He apparently thought so too. It turns out he was wrong. He was banned from the Big Mike Trading forum because he allegedly threatened Big Mike legally. According to Big Mike as you can see from the first image here. There are two issues we should address in connection with it.


First of all, if you are afraid of legal threats, you have a problem, not the person that threatens you. Every person has a right to a legal action and banning them because they were honest enough to tell you that they might resort to it makes you a coward. Not that this is the first time we call this guy a coward. That’s merely one more evidence for that.

But Big Mike has a history of lying and accusing people of doing things they claim they did not do and then banning them, so it would be naive to believe that what he says is true. Keep in mind that this guy lies like a stinking dog even in his forum’s Terms of Service, the section which is meant to be a legally binding document. If he can lie there, he can lie anywhere else. Once a liar, you can safely and prudently assume that you are always dealing with one.

We would like to point out that with Jam banned (and thus unable to defend himself against further attacks), Big Mike kept the thread dedicated to Jam’s business open. It still remains open as you can see from the image below that shows the thread at page 10, while Jam was banned on page 6. That’s very unprofessional in our opinion, but then again how much professionalism can you really expect from a cowardly loser hiding behind a silly Big Mike identity? Not much at all. He did it to more than one vendor, something we would like to mention here because we are going to discuss it in another post.


By banning vendors and encouraging the discussion of their business to continue on his forum, Big Mike demonstrates what he really thinks about the freedom of speech. Namely, that there is no such thing there. Except for the freedom to critique (badmouth, in reality) other vendors, Big Mike’s direct competitors. That, as he admitted in one of his posts, is your right he would fight for, which is as blatant an admission of bias as you can think of, contrary to what he says in the forum regulations where he pretends to be impartial. It goes without saying that this can fuel smear jobs there big time. Harald Steinhaus and his malicious ilk don’t need to be given hints like that twice.

Once again, we salute this brave vendor for standing up to the pathological lair and we encourage other vendors to follow in his footsteps. Big Mike is a coward, so you have nothing to be afraid of. If you choose to challenge him, let us know and we will mention it here. This blog is attracting quite a bit of traffic, so your business may only benefit from it. Big Mike and his sham business are going down, anyway. The faster, the better for the trading community and its integrity in the first place.

He and his clique of vendors who smear and steal from their competitors are parasites and should be exposed and eliminated from the marketplace. They give precious little back to the trading community and nothing that you could not obtain via other means. Even totally free means.


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