Thanks for spreading the good word, folks!

The Internet traffic to this blog has been pretty high and relatively steady. This is so in large part due to our popularity on the forum, the only forum for serious traders out there.

We got mentioned on other trading forums as well, but we do not necessarily care for or about it very much. Many of these other forums are only barely better than the Big Mike Trading forum, if at all. They are sometimes run by vendors, just like the Big Mike Trading forum, and you may even not be aware of it as this may not be disclosed. Or are very manipulated by them, often with more than a tacit permission of the owner(s). Again, just like the Big Mike Trading forum is.

We have developed some following on Twitter as well, almost 20 followers at this point (17 to be precise as of this writing, but this number fluctuates). We hope this number is not at its peak yet. We don’t post a lot there and our marketing is virtually non-existent, so we only rely on the good word spread by others and we do appreciate it a lot.

In connection with that, we would love to acknowledge Mr. Adam Halpern who mentioned us in his Google Plus account. We appreciate it.


He is one of the people we follow on Twitter. More precisely, we follow, the website he runs. We follow everyone back, so if you would like to start collecting  Twitter followers, you may as well do it by following us and we will reciprocate it within a few days; we don’t hang out on Twitter that often, but we will eventually follow you back, that’s a promise.

We would like to add that Mr. Halpern is not affiliated with us in any way and we are not affiliated with him either. We are a totally independent team of three people who are not public figures and who run no businesses that could conflict with our mission of exposing the phonies of the trading world. We do not sell anything here, we do not endorse anyone, and we even do not accept advertising, though we could. What we do is totally pro bono.

Once again, thanks to Mr. Halpern and to many of our friends at for spreading the word about our mission. Thanks a lot, folks!