Big Mike – an accuser

There are many sides to Big Mike. One is a liar. We mentioned this already on a few occasions here and we invite you to check out our past articles for that.

He is a congenital liar and he does not care how big his lies are and where he spouts them, not even in those parts of his forum that are meant to be legally binding, such as the Terms of Service. Well, he apparently thinks that no one reads it, but we do, and we know how badly he lies there.

And there is another side to his persona, closely linked to that of the liar, the accuser. Accusations are basically lies until (and if at all) they are proven to be true.

His proclivity for accusing people of doing something suspicious or inappropriate is paranoidal as you would probably expect from a guy who hides behind a silly Internet handle more befitting of a porn star than a business owner.

Here we present two examples of such accusations that we found on that forum for serious traders that we like to refer to time and again, In this very thread that keeps on growing and attracting more and more negative voices from the members or visitors of the Big Mike Trading forum.

Other examples can easily be found on that forum for dipshits and losers as we are wont to call it.

These two pieces come from people who got banned there. One was accused of hiding his vendor status (see the first image below), the other of posting BS (the second image), which was the official reason, though he suspects that the true reason was bigotry (or antisemitism, as he happens to be Jewish). We noticed bigotry there, too.



We would like to bring to your attention one thing that goodvintage (the second poster) mentions. Let us quote him.

He let his German lapdog (Harald Steinhaus aka Fat Tails) operate as a vendor for two years allowing him to act underhandedly (without disclosing his vendor agenda to the public) and to denigrate his competitors right and left and yet he is accusing you of being a vendor while you are not!

Wow, that’s really rich!”

These are some nice double standards, aren’t they? But only typical for the forum controlled by a clique of vendors, which Dirty Harry (Harald Steinhaus) is a member of.


Big Mike – a craven, silly loser

We will probably never tire of Big Mike and his circus of dimwitted clowns that form the only forum under the Sun that is so ridiculous that is no longer even funny. You can’t help but plainly feel sorry for these losers and their dear leader (Comrade Mike), the silly chap who takes himself way, way too seriously desperately trying to pretend to be what he most definitely is not, never was and never will be, and what happens to be a profitable day trader, a small detail perhaps for some, but everything if you want to maintain an aura of authority, authenticity, and credibility in the trading world.

The profitable trader he is not and this article is not exactly about it (because frankly that requires no further comments), but about how he tries to pretend that he is. That’s much more interesting in a weird kind of way if you are into pathologies that he and his forum are the best walking (if forums can walk, we are not sure about it) examples of such out there.

Let’s talk about how he does it using one of more recent examples of that and let’s relate this example to something else we briefly pointed out in our previous post.

Check out the first image below. It shows an exchange beetwen the Loser in Chief of the Big Mike Trading forum and one of his more dedicated tools for discrediting chief’s competitors, meaning other vendors, known as bobbyacim. He was a very dedicated tool and  pretty obtuse as well, but the latter is true about most of Big Mike’s tools.


He is not anymore. That’s because the tool, provoked by Big Mike, decided to challenge his BS and demanded to know if Big Bozo himself was profitable. Of course, he is not. There is no good reason to believe it. Not a shred of evidence to suggest so.

Remember, that’s the same guy who blew tons of money on his misguided trading education only to start a trading forum for his fellow losers.

By his own admission (see the image that follows), this guy blew a couple of accounts. He says that he is “like most day traders.” Well, we beg to differ. He is like most dumb day traders.


How exactly did he manage to become profitable when running a big forum while he had failed in this endeavor before having all the time at his disposal to master trading? No one of sound mind will take his claim of being a profitable trader seriously unless it is backed by solid evidence. That will never be coming, though. You can bet on that.

And we would never believe it unless it’s audited by a reputable firm. Remember, that’s the guy who has no problem lying even in his site’s Terms of Service. That’s someone who cannot be trusted at all. He is a congenital liar. He has yet to “audit” his real name!

As you can see in the next image, to prevent any further challenges in this direction, he banned the first of the challengers from the forum and closed the thread right after that, obviously afraid that others might attempt a similar challenge.


What a pitiful cowardly loser this guy is!

You may think that Big Mike had a right to demand the proof from bobbyacim. Well, yes and no. Mostly no, in our opinion, simply because he should first apply this to every BS artist he has ever invited to give webinars to his crowd of dipshits and losers. Only then can he claim the right to demand it from anyone else. Otherwise, singling out bobbyacim for such a treatment is simply unfair. Bobbyacim is (most likely) not a vendor, unlike Big Mike, though he could be a shill for one. It’s the vendors who should be expected to provide a proof (or, at least, solid evidence) of profitability or trading prowess and not the regular members of his forum. That includes Big Mike too, if he wants to have any credibility at all.

Closing a thread that abruptly is rather uncommon on that forum, especially if the thread is about a vendor’s business. That is the case here too. As we pointed out in our previous post on this blog, when Big Mike banned Jam of, he kept the thread open. The same happened when he banned Mr. Roger Felton as you can see from the following two images, the first of which shows the Big Mike decision to ban this vendor (on page 26) and the other shows that the thread is still open having reached page 38.



That’s the pattern he likes to keep there, the pattern of allowing his minions to attack his competitors as long as it pleases him or them. But whenever he feels threatened, he closes the thread right away.

Once again, only a pitiful, desperate loser and man of no integrity can act like that. And that’s what this guy is.

As far as bobbyacim is concerned, as you could probably tell, we have no sympathy for this guy at all. He was largely a malicious but useful tool for Big Bozo, pretty much like Fat Tails (Harald Steinhaus), but much dumber than the latter. It’s also possible that he was in cahoots with the vendor that thread was discussing. In one of his earlier posts on that forum, he had made it clear that he was considering starting a vendor business. It’s conceivable that he decided to team up with someone else, like Charles Booth, the vendor discussed in that thread. This guy too has a somewhat dubious reputation, but that can be said about many vendors who were once embraced by Big Mike. Yes, he was one of those too. Not a shocking surprise at all!

We may return to bobbyacim in one of our future posts when discussing dedicated Big Mike tools. He is a very good example of such a tool and may still serve us as an inspiration for another post.

Let us finish this article with a message to all the Big Mike tools. Here it is.

You will never be too useful for him. The guy is a user and he will dump you the moment he finds it useful for him. That’s what tools are for, after all, and that’s how users treat them. They don’t get married to their tools and only stupid tools get married to their users.

Vendors who stood up to Big Mike

We apologize for this bombastic title. It’s very bombastic, indeed. We used the word “vendors” in it, which is really quite an exaggeration because, to the best of our knowledge, there is only one vendor who stood up to Big Mike. And if we missed anyone, please do let us know about it via Twitter and we will correct our omission promptly.

But we hope that this title will eventually catch up with reality, though we cannot predict when. Actually, we do not just hope. We are, in fact, quite convinced that more and more vendors will be rising against the Big Mike bullshit, lies, and slander.

But not too many, we suspect, because most of these fellows are not that much different or better than Big Mike.

That means, among other things, that most of them are cowards. They are cowards because their businesses belong, by and large, in the sham or scam category, so the best they can do is to keep quiet or hide behind silly Internet handles.

That includes also Big Bozo himself, a vendor who has yet to acknowledge his vendor status. He apparently thinks that hiding this fact does not make him a vendor. In reality, it makes him an underhanded one. That too includes Harald Steinhaus (aka Fat Tails) who was doing the same for years while blatantly denigrating his competitors.

Big Bozo too has yet to respond to the sound, legitimate criticism of his dubious business on the forum, where he has been chastised for his questionable practices by quite a few in more than one thread there. Or on our blog, for that matter. He can easily reach us via Twitter. We are not hiding from him nor do we have anything to sell. Unlike him and his legion of sleazy, underhanded, thieving operators, Harald Steinhaus being arguably the most prominent member of the pack.

Why do you think he is hiding behind the cartoonish Big Mike persona? Once, because he is a coward, and, two, because he apparently has something to hide. No owner of a reputable enterprise hides his or her name. Why would they? If anything, the opposite is true. Your name can be a powerful brand. Or can undo you totally if your past is something you would rather escape from.

If you have no moral ground to stand on, you cannot do much but merely hide or keep quiet if they question you or your business on the Internet, though sometimes it’s really better to ignore the Internet BS, especially on that forum for dipshits and losers. But while that may also seem like a good option, it is hardly so if you realize that being passive can only encourage Big Bozo and his troops to attack you even more. That’s why we believe that even those who chose to remain quiet at first, will eventually come out against him. The odds for that are pretty good.

However, until we see more vendors rising against Big Mike, we would like to acknowledge the first of them to do so. We would like to acknowledge the valiant effort of Jam of We are not affiliated with this vendor in any manner and this post is not meant to endorse his business.

Naturally, he was banned from the Big Mike Trading forum in no time while trying to defend his business reputation there, something we believe he had a right to. He apparently thought so too. It turns out he was wrong. He was banned from the Big Mike Trading forum because he allegedly threatened Big Mike legally. According to Big Mike as you can see from the first image here. There are two issues we should address in connection with it.


First of all, if you are afraid of legal threats, you have a problem, not the person that threatens you. Every person has a right to a legal action and banning them because they were honest enough to tell you that they might resort to it makes you a coward. Not that this is the first time we call this guy a coward. That’s merely one more evidence for that.

But Big Mike has a history of lying and accusing people of doing things they claim they did not do and then banning them, so it would be naive to believe that what he says is true. Keep in mind that this guy lies like a stinking dog even in his forum’s Terms of Service, the section which is meant to be a legally binding document. If he can lie there, he can lie anywhere else. Once a liar, you can safely and prudently assume that you are always dealing with one.

We would like to point out that with Jam banned (and thus unable to defend himself against further attacks), Big Mike kept the thread dedicated to Jam’s business open. It still remains open as you can see from the image below that shows the thread at page 10, while Jam was banned on page 6. That’s very unprofessional in our opinion, but then again how much professionalism can you really expect from a cowardly loser hiding behind a silly Big Mike identity? Not much at all. He did it to more than one vendor, something we would like to mention here because we are going to discuss it in another post.


By banning vendors and encouraging the discussion of their business to continue on his forum, Big Mike demonstrates what he really thinks about the freedom of speech. Namely, that there is no such thing there. Except for the freedom to critique (badmouth, in reality) other vendors, Big Mike’s direct competitors. That, as he admitted in one of his posts, is your right he would fight for, which is as blatant an admission of bias as you can think of, contrary to what he says in the forum regulations where he pretends to be impartial. It goes without saying that this can fuel smear jobs there big time. Harald Steinhaus and his malicious ilk don’t need to be given hints like that twice.

Once again, we salute this brave vendor for standing up to the pathological lair and we encourage other vendors to follow in his footsteps. Big Mike is a coward, so you have nothing to be afraid of. If you choose to challenge him, let us know and we will mention it here. This blog is attracting quite a bit of traffic, so your business may only benefit from it. Big Mike and his sham business are going down, anyway. The faster, the better for the trading community and its integrity in the first place.

He and his clique of vendors who smear and steal from their competitors are parasites and should be exposed and eliminated from the marketplace. They give precious little back to the trading community and nothing that you could not obtain via other means. Even totally free means.

Thanks for spreading the good word, folks!

The Internet traffic to this blog has been pretty high and relatively steady. This is so in large part due to our popularity on the forum, the only forum for serious traders out there.

We got mentioned on other trading forums as well, but we do not necessarily care for or about it very much. Many of these other forums are only barely better than the Big Mike Trading forum, if at all. They are sometimes run by vendors, just like the Big Mike Trading forum, and you may even not be aware of it as this may not be disclosed. Or are very manipulated by them, often with more than a tacit permission of the owner(s). Again, just like the Big Mike Trading forum is.

We have developed some following on Twitter as well, almost 20 followers at this point (17 to be precise as of this writing, but this number fluctuates). We hope this number is not at its peak yet. We don’t post a lot there and our marketing is virtually non-existent, so we only rely on the good word spread by others and we do appreciate it a lot.

In connection with that, we would love to acknowledge Mr. Adam Halpern who mentioned us in his Google Plus account. We appreciate it.


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