Harald Steinhaus and the Orwellian memory hole

We have dedicated some space on our blog to one Mr. Harald Steinhaus, a very active poster on the Big Mike Trading forum that goes there by the handle of Fat Tails. The forum in question is our favorite trading forum for dipshits and losers as it is viewed among those who can tell the difference between facts and fiction. No other forum can even begin to compete with it in this category, the forums for dipshits and losers, of course.

And fiction is what that forum is largely about, fiction created in many ways, though they all boil down to lies or manipulation or gimmicks at some level. These manipulative tricks are not so hard to spot and in this post we will show you just one example of them. Of nice Orwellian variety, pretty much in Big Mike’s style. Or in the style of his beloved German slimebag, Harry Steinhaus.

Remember that article? Well, that’s the post where we have introduced Mr. Steinhaus and his dirty business practices. We noted there that Harald Steinhaus was really into denigrating his competitors, meaning other trading vendors, usually those operating in North America. He does that from the safety of his German bunker and in the past was even hiding the fact that he was a vendor himself.

Pretty sleazy, but that’s the way he likes it and his boss, Big Bozo, has absolutely no problem with that. Or with Harald Steinhaus’s not so innocent penchant for peddling knock-offs of competitors’ original indicators, which would be very much against the no piracy rules of the forum if the rules were actually enforced. They are not, of course, because doing so might not be in the best interest of the Loser in Chief.

We pointed out in that article that one of the vendors that Harald Steinhaus chose to smear was phdtraders.com. He obviously had no clue about them or about their business, but that did not prevent him from badmouthing this company which is now out of the business if we understand it correctly. Perhaps he is even partially to blame for their demise.

Well, guess what? There is now no trace of what Dirty Harry (his other, unofficial nickname, besides Fat Tails) posted in the thread dedicated to phdtraders.com. Not a trace at all. His post has vanished. It totally disappeared into what Orwell would call the memory hole (see this Wikipedia’s article if you want to know more about it – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_hole).

But, we, knowing quite well how the Big Mike Trading forum operates, did preserve Mr. Steinhaus’s post for posterity. After all, the thoughts of such a wise man should not be wasted. The image right below shows what he posted there.


The image that follows shows the current state of affairs (as of this writing) or what’s missing.


Now, a good question to ask is why remove that post? If you have nothing to hide, if you did nothing wrong, you might as well keep it. Sounds very much like an admission of guilt, doesn’t it?

Only people who have things to hide, hide things. Everybody else just doesn’t care. The problem with what he said is that he basically used insinuations (or even fabrications) to disparage his competitor’s business. That’s not a fair critique. That’s a smear campaign!

The memory holes is not the only Orwellian trick that the Big Mike Trading forum uses, in part to appear legitimate by manipulating the public perception of it and in part to brainwash its members. Other such tricks include doublethink and groupthink. See that same Wikipedia article for the references to both.

Some folks on the EliteTrader.com forum, the only forum for serious traders, think that the Big Mike Trading forum is like Scientology for traders. Well, indeed it is something of that sort. Except that Mr. David Miscavige does not necessarily hide his persona behind the Big Dave cartoon identity. But just as Scientology is about worshiping the wisdom of Mr. Miscavige so is the Big Mike Trading forum about worshiping the wisdom of the trading loser that runs it. There are other similarities too.

However, we think that the Big Mike Trading forum has actually more in common with the Orwellian Animal Farm characters than it may have with Scientology, though the differences are not that big.


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