A Big Mike’s Trading forum update

Two things that we have noticed recently.

1. Mr. Harald Steinhaus aka Fat Tails, the sleaziest slime bag we have ever had a dubious pleasure to encounter, if only in his digital body, has come out! No kidding at all!. He is now officially a vendor on the Big Mike Trading forum. He kept this fact hidden from the public for at least two years while ruthlessly smearing his competitors, usually American ones, with what could quite appropriately be described as a positively deranged zeal.

His trading experience now reads “advanced” and it is only on Big Mike’s Trading forum that you can become an experienced trader by peddling knock-offs of your competitor’s work or slinging mud at them. The “advanced” we are truly talking about is not his trading experience, which is non-existent, but his self-delusion.


The fact that Mr. Steinhaus is no longer hiding his vendor status there does not change our opinion about him. We believe that he is a creepy loser with a Superman complex, not  necessarily uncommon among his German kind, a fact well-known from history books. He is a liability to any respectable online community save for the pathological ones where he truly stands a chance to rise.

2. More and more people and websites come to realize how incredibly pathological the Big Mike Trading forum is. Not that we are mightily surprised. We expected it to happen just as we expect this to continue. We expect more and more people to come out with the stories of abuse that is quite common on that forum. We primarily mean the abuse of elementary freedom of expression, but that’s pretty much just for starters.

We are not finished yet with our critique and condemnation of the objectionable business practices of the Big Mike Trading forum. You will most likely hear about this forum here again. And again.

We have dedicated a special article to this forum and the slimy persona of Mr. Harald Steinhaus on our blog in the not so distant past.


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