The Trading Loonies 2012 Awards

The No-Genius MacArthur Award

goes to Mr. Todd Mitchell

for insinuating to be a trading genius before even mastering trading on the simulator (heck, even before mastering the use of buy and sell buttons on the simulator).

The Mr. Goebbels Outstanding Smear Artist Award

goes to Mr. Harald Steinhaus of Berlin, Germany

for taking the deceptive, Goebbelsian-style rhetoric to new heights not seen since 1945 and setting new standards for the smear artists in the trading industry that will most likely remain unsurpassed for many years to come.

The Miss South Carolina Southern Excellence Award

goes to Big Mike of Dallas, Texas

for cultivating bigotry, hatred and intolerance (towards not only vendors but also people of dissenting views) on his trading forum, the qualities that, curiously enough, the South still derives so much pride from.

The Bernie Madoff Lifetime Achievement Award

goes to Big Mike of Dallas, Texas

for fooling a record number of people (over 30 thousand as of December 2012) that a cowardly operator with delusions of grandeur who blew two day trading accounts can be a trading authority.

The Rick “Let’s pray for the fucking rain” Perry Collective Award

goes to all the psychobabble gurus.

Your methods, fellows, are as effective as Governor Perry’s. Incidentally, Governor, why not just hire a shaman?

Originally posted on the web on December 30th, 2012.


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