A trading genius is born

Not a trading genius yet? Not to worry. Any public relations hack can make you one. That’s how Mr. Todd Mitchell has became one. See this release? It claims that Mr. Mitchell is a trading genius. We would have not made this shit up. See also the image below with the relevant part of the release.


His EminiSuccessFormulaReview.com site is supposed to demonstrate it. According to his own press release, that is, as it were enough to convince anyone.

That’s not the first time that Mr Mitchell insinuates his trading prowess yet totally failing to substantiate it. In one of his Google ads he used to refer to himself as “trading veteran.” And how on Earth one can become one without ever trading? Beats us, but since none of us is a genius, let alone a trading genius we might be missing something. Though we seriously doubt it.

While we believe that Mr. Mitchell has some trading ideas of his own that may or may not make you money, he certainly has yet to provide evidence that he is a trader, let alone an active one. Heck, he has yet to show that he can trade consistently. Even on that thing called the simulator. The trader, to help Mr. Mitchell’s clients understand what we are talking about, is someone who trades with his own money. Or with his clients money as sometimes is the case.

We believe that Mr. Todd Mitchell is neither a trading veteran nor a trading genius. But he does strike us as a silly man with delusions that seem to insist on growing.

Originally posted on the web on November 30th, 2012.