Dust from the past … we have moved!

We have moved from another blogging network which was not giving us enough exposure and we hated it. We have moved to wordpress.com that search engines are said to love. We hope that’s indeed the case.

Because of that some of the posts you will see here are not new, but copies of old ones, perhaps with some small edits. We thought to distinguish them from others by the category we called “dust from the past.” We also added approximate dates of their original web publication on that old blog of ours, now closed.


One thought on “Dust from the past … we have moved!

  1. BIG Mike banned me for telling the truth about his sponsors. I thing he is dangerous. Him and his groupies mislead people to please his sponsors. They make lots money of us. Avoid them at any cost. Look what I found about him. Big Mike pretends to be so knowledgeable when in reality he is just 33 year Mike old punk ( no colledge degree)a Star Trek and Entourage fan. Check it out.


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